Tuesday, September 29, 2009

almost there.

here it comes....!

3 weeks and 3 days. who's counting down with us?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

something extraordinary

i was talking with my cousin stevey a couple days ago and i promised him that i would name my son after him if he did something extraordinary in the next month. then i thought maybe i would extend the offer to everybody.

here's the deal, if you want our son named after you, you have about 5 more weeks to do something extraordinary. prove it to us and we'll choose the winner on or around the 23rd of october...

here's a quick example. however, we will not be naming little man: bruce.

p.s. that's a nunchunk. and i think a yellow suit with a black racing stripe.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a great week for sports

three sentinel events in sports occurred this week. for you sports fans, i don't need to tell you. for the non-sports fans, let me succinctly recap for you.

1) john stockton, jerry sloan, david robinson, and michael jordan were inducted into the basketball hall of fame. being a little brother to my brother, i must love the jazz. so i do. it was a big night for them. that being said, i used to love jordan as a kid (like everyone), until he beat the jazz again and again. nonetheless, i thought jordan was classy and way above kobe and lebron and the likes. class. that's what set him apart. that and being the most iconic sports figure ever. then came his speech at the induction ceremony. i now have no respect for him as a person. to achieve his level of success and yet be so petty as to go through his entire career from when he was a high school athlete and get his vengeance on every player, coach, administrator, or sports caster who ever wrong him was embarrassing for him, for the sport, and everyone who had to watch it. here are just a very few of the many obnoxious things he had to say.

-- "i have inspired millions"
-- "players win championships, not organizations. organizations don't play with the flu and come back in the 4th quarter"
-- "my kids have some big shoes to fill"

jordan went from the best, classiest player around to the biggest tool i've ever seen succeed.

2) serena williams' outburst at the us open has been a huge hit. literally a large hit on google. look at the screen shot below. i just typed in: "what did" and the options that were fed to me by google were as follows. the first most likely completion to my query was: "... serena say," followed by "... serena say to line judge." that's pretty funny and i guess a super common question on google. however, the next two most likely options are even more funny. "what did chris brown do to rihanna?" obviously an important question. just a little more important than: "what did jesus look like?" inquiring minds want to know.

(click to enlarge)

3) lastly, my brother nick and i were highlighted during a special segment they were doing during the 54-3 schlacking BYU gave Tulane at the superdome on saturday. They wanted to highlight the thoughts of authentic BYU football fans, so they put us in front of the camera. Luckily, emily DVR'd it for us to watch when we got home that night. you can see the evidence below. The BYU game was awesome. Zoobie central was in full effect. so much so, that the number of zoobie children outnumbered Tulane's entire student section. Overall, we almost had more fans at the game than they did. since no one was there, nick and i would move every quarter to sit as close as we wanted to the action. we ended up in the end zone section for the last quarter which turned out the be the awesomest anyway.

(definitely click to enlarge)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the empathy belly.

oh lamaze class . . . you always bring us such fun surprises . . .

first it was learning about how pain is normal and good. yikes. and then all the different things that could go wrong in labor and delivery. hearing those things is always uplifting.

then, it was learning a beautiful poem about a woman's strength that peter shared with everyone in his post a couple weeks ago.

and this week, it was having peter wear the "empathy belly" and get on the birthing bed to try out a few different pushing positions. it was AWESOME.

this thing weighs about 40 lbs. and it even has a heavy little bean-bag pouch that you stick under the belly so it smooshes your bladder. perfect. oh, and under the chest part of the belly there's a thick white "belt" strapped around peter's chest that is nice and tight to make sure that he is not able to breathe easily. again, perfect.

here he is about to try the modified "C" pushing position. he also did the side pushing with one leg in the air, and the tug-o-war with the nurse to try and get that little stinker out.

but even more fun than watching him push was watching him bend over to pick something up off the ground and getting from his back to his side while he was laying on the bed. now, he understands just a little bit better . . . except i was really hoping there was something they could give him to make him get heartburn, indigestion, swollen hands, nausea, and those weird pains that shoot through your lower abdomen like a knife. unfortunately, none of those pregnancy luxuries were available . . .

and lastly, here's a good shot of him in his cute maternity smock . . . it wouldn't be complete unless he had to wear completely ugly, unflattering maternity clothes!

really though. however funny it was to see peter all dressed up with a fake belly, last night made me SOOOO grateful for the wonderful husband that i have. you should have seen some of those husbands in there . . . jerks. they kept acting like being pregnant was no big deal and that they were sick of hearing their wives complain. let me tell you, i had to bite my tongue quite a few times--i really wanted to put those guys in their place. but peter, on the other hand, has never NOT been empathetic. he really didn't even need to try on that empathy belly; he is always quick to try and help me get comfortable when i'm not and he always believes me when i say i'm sick or in pain. i reckon i'm one lucky girl, and little will is going to be one lucky baby to have such a great dad!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

i couldn't agree more.

in preparation for the arrival of little man, i've been watching a lot of thomas. lucky for me, one of emily's friends has been watching too and found this little ditty, and i couldn't agree more.

There's no one quite like emily...!

Oh yeah. and what's more American than baseball on labor day weekend? We celebrated our labor by going to the closest thing we could find to baseball: Mobile Bay Bears right out of mobile, alabama. also known for THIS (please, please click and watch). they are a AA feeder team for the arizona diamondbacks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


i'm excited for this:

to become this:

but not quite this excited . . .
that seems a little bit extreme, don't you think???

click here to see the movie's trailer.