Sunday, May 24, 2009


this week was monumental.

first of all . . .


i am so so so proud of him! 4 years, many sleepless nights studying for tests and dealing with difficult patients, and he is finally done! to help us celebrate and join in all of the graduation ceremonies, peter's mom, dad, brother, sister, and nephew came out to new york for the week. we had a very busy, fun-filled week . . .

on wednesday, may 20th was columbia university's commencement ceremony. it was a VERY hot day, and the ceremony was outside in columbia's square just below the library and alma mater statue. the setting was really magnificent and dramatic. and even though it was hot, it was beautiful and it was so fun to see peter sitting there with his harry potter costume and waving a giant blown up toothbrush!

after the commencement ceremony on wednesday, we went to peter's graduating class awards ceremony. peter, being the stellar student he is, won two awards, one of which was for leadership and the other was for his excellence in pediatrics. good job, peter!!!

on thursday, may 21st, was the dental school graduation where peter was hooded with his lilac colored doctoral hood. it was a really neat ceremony as well, and they even had author jeffrey sachs speak.

and then friday, saturday, and sunday were filled with fun, fun, fun! we went to storm king in upstate new york, did a ton of shopping, saw guys and dolls on broadway, and ate at lots of yummy restaurants.

oh yeah and on friday we also found out that . . .

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i don't know, what do you think?

so. we can't tell. can you?

emily and i have this awesome friend, that we'll call miss k, who works as a nurse at an urgent center in northern manhattan. well, we were having dinner with miss k, her husband mr. m, and my cousins stevey and hannah last weekend. miss k told us to come by some time after hours and she would set us loose with the ultrasound machine. she gave it a shot. we gave it a shot.

this is what we got. female?

and this. male?

even with miss k's skilled guesses, we have no idea what we are having yet. we'll have to wait until next week for the real deal to tell us whether to start buying pink or blue...

what do you think?
be sure you log your vote on the sidebar... we'll leave the poll open until we actually find out what we're having next friday...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember When.

Not so many years ago. An odd man named Al Gore invented the internet.

Not so long ago, Harvard types decided to make it even better.

If this project takes root, it could totally change the way we access information on the Internet. Granted, I've never wanted to know which is higher/longer, Mt. Everest vs. Golden Gate Bridge. But I have wanted to know what's the best season to visit Thailand or which is a better March vacation between Old Europe and Central America.

From the looks of it, the Wolfram Alpha Project might actually be the true iteration of Web 2.0 that has longed been prophesied about.

And then there is this:

MiFi, as delightfully explained by the wonderful David Pogue of the NYT. The possibilities are endless... Let's just hope the pricing comes down on usage for this magic umbrella.

Oh, and here's an old picture from San Francisco from almost two years ago when Emily and I met up for Memorial Day Weekend. Weird how much has happened since then.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

On This Day in 1981

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today Emily turns _ _ years old. I don't think she's actually old enough to be embarrassed about her age. But you can do the math from the title of this post.

Anyway. Wish her a happy birthday today or whenever you end up reading this post.

We started the celebration a little early. And by early, I mean 4:45 on a Friday afternoon. I thought 2-3 weeks would be plenty of time to get a decent reservation time for dinner. I should have learned my lesson from Valentine's and other holidays when it's impossible to get a decent time to eat at restaurants that actually take reservations that far in advance.

Anyway. 4:45 PM or 10:30 PM. Those were our options. So we opted for the earlier one. Of steakhouses in the city, Peter Luger's Steakhouse sits near the top of most lists. Plus, it's right here in Williamsburgh and we're trying to do all the things we can't do once we leave at the end of the month, which include fancy steak houses.

The food was delicious. The clientele was memorable. And the waiter put the actual T-bone of our porter house-for-two steak in the take home bag with everything else. I'm trying to talk Emily into making a good stew with that bone. Although, neither one of us really knows how to do that either.

After dinner we did some birthday shopping at the Brooklyn Industries outlet store that was across the street. By time we have this baby, (boy or girl), it's going to be decked out in all sorts of Brooklyn Industries apparel, including a onesie that says, "Made in Brooklyn."

Today, to continue the birthday celebrations, we made sushi for lunch. Sushi is one of Emily's favorite foods, but since she got pregnant, she hasn't been able to have any sushi because of the fish. So we made our own from various combinations cucumber, carrots, steak, kewpie, tamago, and green onions. I must say, I thought it was delicious.

Plus we got to break out some of japanese cooking stuff, like these cool bamboo sushi platters that my cousin Alana gave us for our wedding.

I think our baby's pretty excited about his/her mother's birthday because he/she has been super active and being pretty good at making Emily pretty sick. That's so cute of the baby to want to join in the celebrations like that. We're just hoping he/she lets up a little bit so we can go see Wolverine Origins sometime this afternoon. (Her choice, not mine, I promise. I wouldn't make her go see an X-Men movie on her birthday, unless she totally wanted to see it, and she does)...

Anyway, Happy Birthday Emily!