Sunday, March 28, 2010


except it wasn't so hot. after this week, i'd probably call it windylanta. but it sure was funlanta!
on wednesday, peter, william, and i drove to atlanta for the week. peter had a dental conference, so will and i, being the dentist-lovers that we are, decided to accompany him.the highlight of our drive up was a stop at Mae's Wings and Things. yep, that's right. lizards, gizzards, whiting, and mullet. what more could you want in a delicious lunch?

and sometimes peter got tired driving, so will helped him out.

btw. peter had to present some research that he'd done at the conference and he did a PHENOMENAL job. and he looked like a total babe presenting in his air force blues. way to go, babe.
but it wasn't all work, we definitely had our fair share of playing. will and i loved the aquarium. did you know that whale sharks (i'm not entirely sure if that's their official name, but i doubt you guys know either though, so it's cool, right?) can grow to be as big as a BUS?! crazy. we saw a couple of those. but, i'd say they were more along the lines of a honda accord. they've still got some growing to do.

the centennial olympic park was a fun place to hang out. they had fountains, paths for walking, waterfalls, and a playground for the kids. our hotel was only a couple of blocks away, so we frequented the park just about everyday.

probably the funnest (i know that's not a word, but i use it regularly knowing it's not a word. you're just going to have to deal with it.) place we went was the World of Coke. let's be honest though, we paid $15 to try 64 different types of soda from around the world. totally worth it. y'all have got to try SMART. it's a delicious green apple soda from china. TO DIE FOR. the night that we went to the World of Coke, i totally dreamed about SMART. i dreamt that we went back to the museum and they let us buy a bunch of 2 liter bottles to take home. i was loving it. the museum also had an awesome Coke-is-awesome-propagandaish-4D-movie that william did not love. every time the chairs rocked he freaked out, so will and i left the movie a little early. it's okay though, he got some really cool glasses to chew on, so he was fine. the olsens, our friends who are stationed at Eglin AF Base in florida were in atlanta with us, so we had some good times hanging out with them.

here are the betrothed william and london. remember their first meeting?

london got to atlanta and told will that she's been sitting up on her own. so, she taught him how. then they had a sit-off.

here we are, relaxing at piedmont park. lately will doesn't really love getting his diaper changed . . . he's always trying to roll away.
will had a nice picnic of peas and milk while peter and i enjoyed just watching and laughing at our funny little boy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

up-down vote

To commemorate "an historic up-down vote on health care reform legislation" this Sunday, we decided it was time to let William start exercising his own rights. So we gave him a variety of new activities to try out for the first time and let him vote on whether or not he liked them. We think he will be a civic-minded individual after this day of voting. Feel free to vote yourself on whether you think he enjoyed each particular event.

First up. So that Will won't ever forget his Deep South roots, he got his first back woods photo shoot. He voted yes for some and a definite no for others.

Event #1: Sitting alone in the woods. Will's vote: yes

Event #2: Sitting on a log in the woods. Will's vote: no

Event #3: Playing/looking/grabbing/trying to eat nearby grass/weeds/sticks. Will's vote: yes.

Event #4: Flying with dad under the trees. Will's vote: yes

Event #5: Swinging in the swing. Will's vote: yes
p.s. thanks to Jill for the photo tip.

Event #6: Sliding down the slide. Will's vote: definite no

Event #7: Bouncing on the pelican: Will's vote: no

William had a busy day. Too much voting. Let's just hope Obama gets the votes he needs too this weekend.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

5 months old. (updated)

our baby is 5 months old. crazy.

for those of you that have noticed, our baby has a very round head. we put a perfect circle around his face. this is how close it is...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


yep, it's made of 100% nerds. awesome.
it kind of makes my mouth water. not for liz lemon. or tina fey. but for some nerds. yum. now i don't know why the artist, andrew salomone, did this . . . (make sure to watch the video). all that effort . . .