Saturday, February 13, 2010


BN-BFF: brand-new best friends forever.

Will met his soulmate on Friday night. At least that's what the four of us parents were thinking.

She glanced up at him...

He looked down at her...

They kicked, they danced, they bonded.

They started the beginnings of a long and beautiful relationship.
At least we all hope so.

The cute girl baby pictured is London. She was born 2 days before Will, but this is the first time they've met. They are total twins. When we took them out, people thought they were in fact twins and were really confused how they were born two days apart.

For the weekend, Emily and I drove to Fort Walton Beach, FL to visit Mark and Ashley Olsen and their daughters Sadie and London. No, not the Ashley Olsen of Mary Kate and Ashly Olsen...

It was a short trip. But totally worth it. We stayed up late laughing and talking about how identical our babies were. Same size round head, same bloated cheeks, same chubby thighs, same cry, same laugh, same cough, yada, yada, yada. It was pretty hilarious. So of course we want them to grow up, meet each other at BYU and link our two families together for life.

While we were there, we also got a preview of the blindingly beautiful white sand beaches at Destin, we can't wait to go back when it's warm enough to hit the beach for reals,

Snagged a few more Mardi Gras beads at yet another parade, Will really got into it this time, as you can see, London really got into it too, she's even trying to snake a few beads from Will,

Ate at a restaurant with over $900K in dollar bills fastened to the walls and ceiling, delicious pub food, and creepy red lighting,

And almost made it to a rally for saving the oceans and drawing big red lines on oil drills...

All in all it was a pretty rad weekend.


The Olsens said...

Great movie! We can't wait for the sequel. Thanks for coming down! We had a blast! I think London is missing her BN-BFF already. She has been a grouch all day. We may have to steal some pics off the blog. I love the holding hands. Ahh me, young love! Truly a beautiful thing.

mom/shauna said...

What a cute couple...chubby cheeks and all. Sounds like a fun day.

Jill Tew said...

Wow, they do look like twins. Was all of that money real?

Nick said...

They seriously look like twins. Same head shape and facial expressions. Will is a chunk now. He is awesome.