Sunday, November 29, 2009

short, but totally worth it.

we had a whirl-wind thanksgiving weekend, all crunched down into a quick trip up to north carolina to visit the wonderful fehlbergs and my also wonderful cousin stevey. our flights didn't really hook us up much, so we had to pack a full weekend's worth into about a day and a half.

i won't bore you with the details, but it went a little something like this:

Will took his first plane ride.

we had a lot of baby action; stevey with little sydney and max.

we ate delicious food prepared by kaedi and stevey tag teaming the kitchen.

we watched the man of the house carve his first turkey.

we did this. (click here for more)

we posed for too many pictures.

and spent a lot of time sitting around laughing at ridiculous things.

oh yeah. and my wife all of sudden became the quintessential hipster traveling mother.

Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday y'all!

what's more american than black friday?? (don't answer that, b/c we all know there are many.)
so to celebrate our americanness, my cousin stevey, our buddy marc and i decided to hit up walmart at 5:00 am to relish in the crazy.

check this documentarian digital short that we made:
(be sure to turn up the volume to catch all the dialogue, intended and otherwise...)

also be sure to ask emily about her near-run-in-waiting-on-line-brawl with an ornery old lady as she black friday-ed at Jo-Ann's...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

happy anniversary!

what a year.

got married.
got pregnant.
graduated dental school.
moved to mississippi.
and had Will.

like i said, what a year . . . but it's been the best year ever.
i love you, babe.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

good thing my mouth was closed . . .

i had somewhat of a pungent awakening this morning around 7:30. i had fed will about an hour before, but he was fussy and having trouble going back to sleep. i soon found out why . . . i'd been holding him and trying to soothe him when i realized he had a messy diaper. so, sitting on my bed with peter still asleep next to me, i decided to change his diaper. i didn't use a changing pad because he had a blanket and his pj's underneath him, and i also had the clean diaper ready just in case. i thought i had covered my bases. how wrong i was. with his legs up in the air in my left hand, and a wipe in my right, i was unprepared for what came at me next.

and what came at me was a whole bunch of poop shooting right out of will's bum.

it came at me with such force i was stunned. i hurried to stop it with my right hand, but i was too late. it hit my chin, my foreheard, and splattered down the whole front of me. it covered my hand, the sheets, his blanket, and his pj's. i was stunned. it even woke peter up. i asked peter for help, and so he grabbed a wipe and asked me what i needed. i told him, "my face, my face, get it off of my face!" peter started wiping my cheek--he wasn't even close to where the poo actually was and so i exclaimed, "no, my chin--right by my mouth!" "sorry," he said (as he was trying to wake up), "my eyes are still blurry, i can't really focus." then, as we were trying to clean up the massive mass, we looked up and saw this:

a look of complete innocence and relaxation. oh will, if only you knew what had just happened. if only you knew that now all of your clothes, blanket, my garments, our sheets, and mattress pad are soaking in oxy clean with hopes that your pungent, mustard colored feces won't stain them! luckily you're so dang cute that we just can't be mad. in fact, it was a really hilarious way to start off our day!

and just in case you're wondering what the crime scene looked like, here are a couple of photos; unfortunately, because of my garments, and because we didn't want to expose our baby on the internet, these photos really don't even show the least of the mess:

and here's a shot of our "straight shooter" after everyone was cleaned up. isn't he just adorable???

Sunday, November 8, 2009


we're about to ride our first hurricane.

apparently, there's a hurricane watch warning for hurricane ida, who is creeping up the gulf tonight... you can see we live smack in the middle of hurricane alley. (click to enlarge)

so we did what we were told and took Will down to the gulf coast to watch the hurricane. (check out those gulls. don't they say that animals start to wig out before the impending doom of natural diasters...?)

but don't freak out y'all. our bags are packed, the gas tank is full, and we're ready to bounce if the order is given...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

last night.

This is how William felt about last night's win and particularly about his fellow asian-american super star, Mr. RBI: Hideki Matsui getting named MVP.