Sunday, November 29, 2009

short, but totally worth it.

we had a whirl-wind thanksgiving weekend, all crunched down into a quick trip up to north carolina to visit the wonderful fehlbergs and my also wonderful cousin stevey. our flights didn't really hook us up much, so we had to pack a full weekend's worth into about a day and a half.

i won't bore you with the details, but it went a little something like this:

Will took his first plane ride.

we had a lot of baby action; stevey with little sydney and max.

we ate delicious food prepared by kaedi and stevey tag teaming the kitchen.

we watched the man of the house carve his first turkey.

we did this. (click here for more)

we posed for too many pictures.

and spent a lot of time sitting around laughing at ridiculous things.

oh yeah. and my wife all of sudden became the quintessential hipster traveling mother.


ron said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was fun.
Kudos to Kaedi and Stephen for pulling off, what looked like, a scrumptious meal with all the trimmings.
Emily looks pretty in Blue.
Will eyes look Blueberry Blue.
Still can't believe you went to WalMart(your favorite store) are being a true BLUE friend to Mark and Kaedi.
Are you all happy about the BLUE team winning yesterday? Too bad,
Max BLEW it with his postgame remarks about the RED team up north.

David said...

Emily looks beautiful! Will definitely has emily's lips! So cute and so much more alert!
I'm glad you guys had a great thanksgiving and happy 1 year anniversary! Emily I have a funny story to tell you later!

libby said...

it was so nice of you to invite a homeless man to thanksgiving dinner. you even let him hold the children... how trusting.

Dad (TMF) said...

the bearded one looks so content.

Nick said...

the pictures of that food is making me hungry.

Steve-- i think you should make a little braid on the side of your beard.

We're excited to meet Will.

petey said...

funny you should mention that because i offered to braid it many times. i mean brad pitt does it so it has to be cool, right?

i laughed pretty hard at your comment.

Stephen said...


Stephen said...

libby. watch it.

Amy F said...

Libby... laughing. Laughing.

looks like a fun Thanksgiving... glad you guys spent time with good friends. And cute Will in tow. Looks like he was a trooper!

Nice pics. Parenthood looks good on ya'll.

Jill Tew said...

Will is so stinkin cute!
And all those pies! Lucky. And delicious.
And Stephen's beard. Wow. In that picture of him taking a picture, if you take off the beard, he looks like Tracy...just saying...
Emily, you'd never guess you just had a baby.

Whitney said...

Emily, I really like the picture of you holding Will looking at your phone. You look really pretty! Peter, you look pretty too in your picture. And yes, I feel horrible that you covered my face in the family picture...

petey said...


i thought the exact same thing about stephen in that picture, although with the beard. mom said: "tracy went through a beard phase too." i'm not really sure what she meant by that. however, i'm pretty sure tracy wasn't doing it for the hipster ladies...

Dad (TMF) said...

Sorry. Mine wasn't a stage. It was a calcuated image presentation. Not sure what Stephen's is.

mom/shauna said...

Tracy: What image were you portraying?

petey said...

uncle tracy wanted me to post of picture of him to show the bearded one.

so check the frandsen times for said picture.