Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday y'all!

what's more american than black friday?? (don't answer that, b/c we all know there are many.)
so to celebrate our americanness, my cousin stevey, our buddy marc and i decided to hit up walmart at 5:00 am to relish in the crazy.

check this documentarian digital short that we made:
(be sure to turn up the volume to catch all the dialogue, intended and otherwise...)

also be sure to ask emily about her near-run-in-waiting-on-line-brawl with an ornery old lady as she black friday-ed at Jo-Ann's...


ron said...

I'm happy to see the NY Hipsters condescend to participation in a WalMart ritual, after breaking their vows to NEVER shop at WalMart. The black and grey hoodies were quite clever, no one would guess the Manhattan roots of your friendship.
Love, Dad

ron said...

Extraordinary filming, editing, cropping, and music. Good job, Stephen.
The 3 of you showed dedication to arise in the middle of the night to show Mark's love for Kaedi's status as "Queen of the Home."

~ Love, Mom

petey said...


i'll have you know. i didn't spend (i.e. shop) at walmart. marc and stephen aren't as principled... ;)

petey said...

oh yeah. and the black hoodies were coincidence. but probably related to living in nyc and owning a lot of black.

Jill Tew said...

I'm just excited for Kaedi and their great purchase!

I like the fade out into the parking lot.

And Kaedi's credit at the end. (did I spell her name right?)

I hear the secret to black friday shopping at Wal-mart is to NOT get a shopping cart. Otherwise you get jammed in the aisle...never been, just heard. And apparently your Wal-mart hot spot is electronics and not the greeting card aisle.

Emily, what's your story?

How's that for a jumpy comment?

Amy F said...

Sweet. You guys looked like you showed up to cause some major mayhem.

And I guess I'm not the only one who has heard rhetoric to the tune of "I will never step foot into one of those stores." Never say never...

And that IS a great deal on a kitchenaid. Totally worth it...

Although I am still convinced to never do early morning shopping on black friday. Ugh. The shots of the crowds make me feel a little dizzy.

Love the music. And editing on Marc's phone conversation. Did one of the workers have a bullhorn inside the store, or was it just really, really loud??

Too funny...

petey said...

no bull horns. outdoors they just yell at everyone to go to the correct entry doors. inside the PA system is blaring with random announcements about the distribution of goods and the rules contained to receive such goods.