Saturday, October 31, 2009

tricks for treats

oh halloween. i usually don't get super amped about halloween. but this year, we knew that we'd prolly have a little man around the house that would want to get in on the halloween action. so we started planning his costume a month or so ago. we decided on Max from where the wild things are. (i know, so trendy and hip of us) so emily starting making the hood and horns awhile ago. but then Will came a couple weeks earlier and we sorta forgot about halloween again. then we figured we wouldn't be going out, so really we'd just be finishing his costume to take some pictures and tell him many years from now that we had fun celebrating his first halloween.

I went back to work on thursday this week after a few days of paternity leave and found out that the residents were having a halloween party. emily and i figured we'd go. but then we needed to finish the costume and find costumes for ourselves...

long story short. we made Will a scepter, added a crown to his hood, and decided to be each other for halloween. this is how it all went down.

started the day with a matinee of where the wild things are. we even dressed Will in his Max costume for the occasion.

here's cute Will as cute Max, King of the Wild Things.

here's emily as me.

here's me as emily (pre-baby, of course. i did my own make-up and shaved my own legs)

here's the three of us, living it up on Will's first halloween... i think he liked it. maybe, i'll finally start loving halloween again too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the in-laws are out...

after waiting two whole weeks, will finally got to meet his grandpa this last weekend. emily's mom has been here from the beginning, but her dad flew out for the weekend. we all had a pretty good time. it was great having them here. we got some delicious BBQ at this redneck trailer park called The Shed, Jenny made us plenty of delicious meals, and we made two unsuccessful trips to local donuteries.

will got to spend lots of time bonding with his grandparents, including a couple of bath times, which he hates.
we got to put him in his new clothes to go for drives to pick up food, pick out fabric at hobby lobby, trips to target (brand new in d'iberville as of a week ago).

and we made him wear obnoxious halloween clothes so we could pose to take some family photos... you can tell how much he loves it.

emily's parents left on sunday, so it's just the three of us.

but even with them gone, we still dress will up in clothes we think are cool. like yankees gear that doesn't fit yet.

here he is waving bye to his grandparents... or the angels... or the soon to be fallen phillies... we're not really sure yet who he is waving to.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so stinkin' cute.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

totally smitten.

total time being pregnant: 38 weeks and 1 day
total number of vomits: innumerable
total number of doctors prior to birth: 9
total times we had met the doctor that delivered our baby: 0
total weight gained: (you'll have to ask the mother)
total number of days of prelabor: 6
total number minutes of actual labor contractions prior to water breaking: 45
total time driving to hospital: 15 mins
total time waiting for the train to pass in front of us 100 yards in front of the hospital: 90 seconds, felt like 90 mins.
total number of helpful USAF airmen that ran to get a wheelchair for us as we approached the hospital: 2
total number of nurses and techs that didn't believe us that her water had broken: 4
total number of hours pre-epidural: 3.5
total time the nurse told us to rest before it would be time to push: 9 hours
actual time we rested before it was time to push: 25 mins
total time pushing: 16 mins
total time in labor: 5 hours, 56 mins.

total bliss.

welcome to the world our baby boy.

William Shigeki Frandsen

Born October 10th at 10:56 pm. Weighing in at a whooping: 6 lbs 4 oz, measuring 20 inches.

It was an incredible weekend. Luckily, it was Columbus Day weekend, so the whole hospital and base was totally vacated. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. In fact, for most of the time we were there we were the only ones in Labor and Delivery. It was nice.

We spent our obligatory 48 hours at the hospital and were released this morning. So we spent the days taking lots and lots of pictures of Little Man. He was a good sport. Here's a sample of some of our favorites:

Will the Worm.
Once of the nice things about having a baby really far away from family and friends is getting lots of one on one bonding time. This is me and Will catching a movie before Emily's mom got to the hospital, posing like father, like son.

Will got to spend lots of time cuddled up on Emily. It's fairly easy to see that they both loved it.

Before we left the hospital, we took our first family photo

and had our first frandsen team huddle. Just one of many, many more to come.

And I just have to say, from a non-biased point of view, I think little William is totally adorable!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

stay tuned...

Friday, October 9, 2009

bend it like beck.

i have a not so well known published public disdain for a mr. glenn beck. however, after watching my second favorite DVR'd newscast this morning, maybe i should reconsider my disdain... could they really be born of the same cloth?

click here for the video. (their web embed is dysfunctional at the moment, i'll post the video if they fix it.) it's sorta long, but hang with it til the end, it's worth the whole 6 mins and 58 seconds. nick: there's even a shout out to your favorite 90's era sports caster...

it's all so clear now. now i must love beck as much as i love colbert.

btw: i learned a little trick in one of ortho classes a few weeks ago. nobody is 100% symmetrical. if we were, this is how emily and i would look. try to guess which one is the real one. (and no cheating by looking at the hair...)

Monday, October 5, 2009

cute friends. cute baby shower.

it's been fun to get to know peter's fellow residents and their spouses since moving down to beautiful biloxi. they're all very sweet, and this last weekend they threw us a super fun baby shower! i just thought i'd highlight some of the hard work they did in our behalf . . . it really was so nice. we felt so loved :)

the cake:

made by mallory schindler of gateau divine. isn't it incredible???? seriously the cutest diaper bag i have ever seen and SOOOOO delicious.

and we also got some fun stuff for little baby will:

and all of the decorations were really cute as well:

thanks everyone for such a fun shower!!!!