Thursday, April 29, 2010

no apologies.

ok. so i haven't read mitt romney's new book. but i do find the title a little disingenuous.

nate silver led me to these three charts that one particular elected official named Barack Obama shouldn't have to apologize for.

click on each chart to see the details. however, the trends are pretty obvious even in the smallest font.

U.S. job losses/growth


Dow Jones Indus.
more information can be found on this website.

hail to the chief!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

good form, will. good form.

flying high. check out that form.

ps. please forgive me for any neck cramps that may ensue after watching this video. sometimes i treat my camera like my phone and think i can turn it sideways.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


we love warm weather. and sun. and beaches. and eating seafood. so ft. walton beach, florida was the perfect place for us to visit last week! peter had a dental symposium at Eglin AFB in ft. walton beach, so William and i went along for some fun in the sun!

will had plenty of pool time. he loved playing in his starfish and splashing around.

we spent a lot of time at the pool and beach . . .

will flew a kite for the first time . . .

london and her family live in FWB, so we of course had to let will hang out with his gf, london! here they are having a tug-0f-war:

and we also found out some very exciting news while we were in florida . . . we found out that in august we will be moving to . . .


so get ready to party all of you utah people!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

living the good life.

William has been living it up this week. He had a great time in Atlanta and decided to show his appreciation to his parents by being extra funny and sorta silly ever since we got back. Not that we're announcing anything this year at the beginning of April, because we're not, I'm just saying that being an only child has started to go to little William's head.

For example, he thinks he's awesome...

... when he shows off his newly acquired sitting skills, especially in precarious places,

... when he sneaks into the fridge for a between meals snack,

and then dives in even though he got caught red handed,

... when he fends off the paparazzi when he's not in the mood for photos,

... or when he's just trying out his new look.