Tuesday, March 27, 2012

37.5 weeks

since i haven't really been posting pictures of my pregnancy, i thought maybe i'd share one last shot before i deliver. so . . . here i am!

sorry for the blurry picture--i took it on photo booth on my computer. and please ignore my messy craft desk behind me!

37 and a half weeks. after two false labors (one at 33 weeks and one last saturday) and many hours spent at the hospital in the middle of the night (why does it always have to happen in the middle of the night, btw???), i am still pregnant. each time i had consistent contractions for over 2 hours at 5 minutes apart, but neither time did i progress. so . . . here i am. just waiting for our baby girl to stop playing tricks on me and join the outside world! peter keeps saying that she is going to be really sarcastic and a little jokester because she keeps faking us out. i'm hoping that she will be very, very calm and relaxed and that the reason she didn't come previously is because she is so calm that she is content to stay in my belly a little longer . . . i guess we'll see whose predictions are accurate! all i do know is that my body is getting very, very tired of being pregnant, so we will welcome our baby girl as soon as she is ready!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

day out with my buddy

yesterday will and i had a fun day together. we went to lunch, did some shopping, and went to the aquarium. will was such a good little boy yesterday--he only ran away from me in the store once! and after a long talk about not running away from mommy, he didn't do it again the rest of the day! i was so proud of him :)

then i got a little emotional. as we were holding hands walking through the aquarium, getting excited about the frogs, otters, penguins, sharks, and fishies, i started thinking about how my little will has been my shadow/sidekick/buddy for the last two and a half years. and it really set in that in just a couple of weeks, we'd have a new little buddy tagging along with us. it won't just be the two of us anymore! of course, that's wonderful and we can't wait, but i couldn't help feel a little bit emotional and sentimental about the whole thing. especially since peter has been gone, will and i have really been together 24/7. i think that this new baby might really rock both our worlds when she comes!

anyway. in the meantime (2 weeks . . . maybe 3? . . . maybe a week and a half?), i will enjoy my one on one time with this little rascal! and then when our sweet girl arrives, hopefully we will all adjust quickly and william will have a new little best friend :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's that season again...

How can you not love this guy? I know I do.

17 minutes to spare? Please watch.

Monday, March 12, 2012

what we've been up to . . .

will and i have really enjoyed being back in utah. we've been able to spend time with cousins and friends, and will has been able to become reacquainted with all of his toys that he missed while we were in california. that being said . . . he really misses his grandma jenny and papa! luckily they're coming in town this weekend and he'll be able to spend lots of time with them :)

so here's a random little recap of what we've been up to the last few weeks (sorry, these are all iPhone photos, so the lighting and color are not too stellar):

will on his new stick horse. he loves galloping around the house!

he has been able to spend lots of time with his little cousin, mackay:

on saturday, we celebrated the japanese holiday, girls' day at my MIL's house. it was a lot of fun--yummy japanese food, lots of girl talk with all the cousins, and we got to dress in our kimonos. here's a picture of the traditional girls day dolls:

frandsen family home evening at bachi's house (bachi is what william calls his grandma frandsen):

and today, will and i had a fun morning at the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point. he LOVES the science room and he had fun digging in the sand areas also. he doesn't love the all of the exhibits though . . . some of them are a little scary (like the giant shark coming out of the wall). but we had a ton of fun, just the two of us, exploring and playing with all of the hands-on activities.

and lastly, here's a glimpse of what i've been up to . . . just trying to get a few things accomplished before baby girl arrives!

i've made several receiving blankets (otherwise she'd only be wrapped in blue with all of will's old blankets!):

i made a couple of these little sleep sacks--which btw are the best invention ever for that stage when babies won't keep their blankets on! (and yes, i love that whale print! i was so excited to find it in both flannel for the blanket and fuzzy fleece for the sleep sack!)

and a car seat cover. yes, a little hippie-ish, but i thought it was cute :)

and maybe one of these days i'll finish my crochet projects and show those to you as well . . . but all in all, those are the fun things we've been doing with our time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mustache March

Happy March First Everybody!

Another year of mustache march is upon us and it's time for all you men reading this to start growing that upper lip hair. Mustache March is an Air Force tradition that spans back many years. A young, arrogant fighter pilot kept a mustache against all odds, shot down a bunch of planes and things, and lived to tell the tale. He believed his mustache was a lucky charm and kept him bulletproof. When he returned to garrison, he was ordered to shave it even though it was kept well trimmed within regs.

So Mustache March is celebrated across the air force to celebrate the bullet proof mustache. Many air crews will wear mustaches during the entirety of their deployment. Others of us occupy the upper lip in March in solidarity with our deployment brothers and sisters in arms, especially deployed, but at home station too.
So if you're reading this, you know someone deployed and it's time for you to start that mustache. So whether you have an important lawyering job, work in a hospital administration position, account for a swiss tech company, work in finance/securities, going to school on an island or elsewhere, or some other big fancy job/position, you can sacrifice a month of vanity in solidarity with your deployed service buddy. And when people inevitably ask why you have hideousness festering just below the nose you can remind them that we still have thousands of troops in the desert fighting the good fight. Don't be shy. You can do it. I believe in you.

Happy Mustache March! Uncle Sam wants YOU (to grow a mustache)!