Monday, March 12, 2012

what we've been up to . . .

will and i have really enjoyed being back in utah. we've been able to spend time with cousins and friends, and will has been able to become reacquainted with all of his toys that he missed while we were in california. that being said . . . he really misses his grandma jenny and papa! luckily they're coming in town this weekend and he'll be able to spend lots of time with them :)

so here's a random little recap of what we've been up to the last few weeks (sorry, these are all iPhone photos, so the lighting and color are not too stellar):

will on his new stick horse. he loves galloping around the house!

he has been able to spend lots of time with his little cousin, mackay:

on saturday, we celebrated the japanese holiday, girls' day at my MIL's house. it was a lot of fun--yummy japanese food, lots of girl talk with all the cousins, and we got to dress in our kimonos. here's a picture of the traditional girls day dolls:

frandsen family home evening at bachi's house (bachi is what william calls his grandma frandsen):

and today, will and i had a fun morning at the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point. he LOVES the science room and he had fun digging in the sand areas also. he doesn't love the all of the exhibits though . . . some of them are a little scary (like the giant shark coming out of the wall). but we had a ton of fun, just the two of us, exploring and playing with all of the hands-on activities.

and lastly, here's a glimpse of what i've been up to . . . just trying to get a few things accomplished before baby girl arrives!

i've made several receiving blankets (otherwise she'd only be wrapped in blue with all of will's old blankets!):

i made a couple of these little sleep sacks--which btw are the best invention ever for that stage when babies won't keep their blankets on! (and yes, i love that whale print! i was so excited to find it in both flannel for the blanket and fuzzy fleece for the sleep sack!)

and a car seat cover. yes, a little hippie-ish, but i thought it was cute :)

and maybe one of these days i'll finish my crochet projects and show those to you as well . . . but all in all, those are the fun things we've been doing with our time!


Jill T said...

Oh! You came down anyway! My boys were so disapointed we couldn't go with you guys. Lucas has asked me several times when we are going to go. Next week maybe?

petey said...

those whales are really awesome.

mom/shauna said...

I love all the pretty girl blankets, sleepsacks and car seat cover. We're so glad you and Will are back!!