Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mustache March

Happy March First Everybody!

Another year of mustache march is upon us and it's time for all you men reading this to start growing that upper lip hair. Mustache March is an Air Force tradition that spans back many years. A young, arrogant fighter pilot kept a mustache against all odds, shot down a bunch of planes and things, and lived to tell the tale. He believed his mustache was a lucky charm and kept him bulletproof. When he returned to garrison, he was ordered to shave it even though it was kept well trimmed within regs.

So Mustache March is celebrated across the air force to celebrate the bullet proof mustache. Many air crews will wear mustaches during the entirety of their deployment. Others of us occupy the upper lip in March in solidarity with our deployment brothers and sisters in arms, especially deployed, but at home station too.
So if you're reading this, you know someone deployed and it's time for you to start that mustache. So whether you have an important lawyering job, work in a hospital administration position, account for a swiss tech company, work in finance/securities, going to school on an island or elsewhere, or some other big fancy job/position, you can sacrifice a month of vanity in solidarity with your deployed service buddy. And when people inevitably ask why you have hideousness festering just below the nose you can remind them that we still have thousands of troops in the desert fighting the good fight. Don't be shy. You can do it. I believe in you.

Happy Mustache March! Uncle Sam wants YOU (to grow a mustache)!


Jill T said...

1st picture: cool
2nd picture: eww

We'll see what we can do to support you...

embily said...

your mustache looks so light. and furry.

mom/shauna said...

Lovely smile, Peter.
When do you shave it off?