Friday, May 25, 2012

mild milestones.

this week we hit some mild milestones.  first off.  william started reading books back to us.  it was too funny not to post.  his latest favorite book is the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle.  if you have a few minutes, let him read it to you too.

also.  after hours of work and years of effort, we finally have our house to a presentable state.  just in time to rent it out and move to texas.  check out the before and after's if you please.



Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Good to Be Home.

So, I've been home about a week and IT HAS BEEN AWESOME.  So, my trip home from my deployment took me through Germany.  I was really hoping I'd be able see my buddy Mark while I was waiting at the German airport, but he called me and got me paged overhead for a phone call, so that was good enough.

When I got to my real home, the scene was awesome.  I couldn't believe how cute my new little daughter was.  Will and Emily made this sign, bought some rad balloons and brought the ruckus.  Will was a little shy/tired/confused at first, but after his buddy/cousin Simon gave me big hugs, Will was back to normal in no time.

Here's the prep and the waiting.

And my view from the top.

Here are a ton of pics.  They speak for themselves.

 Our first day home, William and I put on our matching clothes and did some catching up.

We've had a ton of family fun at home, going to parks, hanging out with cousins, and taking care of our little baby.

 will decided to soothe clara all on her own.

 (eating with Mater teeth)

We got to take Clara to church for the first time.  

We took Will to the largest open mine in world, a.k.a. Kennecott Copper Mine.  Will LOVED the "big huge dump trucks."  

We have gotten out and about for some classic Bountiful family dining, including this classic Robintinos...
 Several trips to City Creek.  Will and I love BOSE sound systems.  

And spending lots and lots of time with our little 1 month old.  

It's been super nice being home.  We've had lots and lots family bonding time.