Friday, July 6, 2012

living in the lone star state

howdy ya'll! yep. we're here. it's been a while since we posted, so in case you were wondering, yes, we did make it safely to texas. after 3 LONG days of driving, we arrived in hot and sticky san antonio! so, without trying to overload ya'll (yes, i'm embracing that one!) with pictures, here's a quick update as to what we've been up to!

like i said, it was a long three day drive from utah to texas. and, since we have two cars, that meant that we couldn't all be together. peter and i caravanned and traded the kids back and forth throughout the drive. the plan was for each of us to have one child at all times, but as it turned out, william always wanted to ride in the same car as clara, so peter and i took turns having some alone driving time. which actually turned out to be kind of nice. to help william with the long drive, we had a bunch of little surprises for him that we'd give to him during the trip. one of these little surprises was my very old digital camera. i think it was from college--the very first digital camera i ever owned. anyway. he loved it. it really kept him entertained for the whole drive. here are a few shots that he took at a couple different stops on the drive:

 and here's a quick shot as we crossed into texas:

since we've been here, we've had a lot of fun. one of the very first things we did was buy a season pass to sea world. that's right. we've got our priorities straight! the sea world here has a pretty awesome water park as well, and we found out that all of the stay at home moms in our ward pretty much go there for playgroups since it's just too hot to go sit at a park. works for us! will LOVES it and clara doesn't mind a little sunbathing either.

in addition to peter starting classes, he's also been on a big camping kick. but, since it's just too hot to make poor little clara suffer all night in a tent, we've decided to wait to go on a real camping trip until the weather starts to cool off. so, in the meantime, we've had ourselves a couple of s'more roasts and actually, as i type this, peter and will are in the backyard in the tent. we'll see if they last all night :)

will and clara in the tent

we've also enjoyed a lot of good food since we've been here. one night we went out for a 42" pizza with friends, and we've also eaten at Rudy's "the worst BBQ in san antonio" which is actually the best BBQ i've had so far. it was seriously good. and then, we've also eaten some good ol' kids-eat-free dickey's BBQ as well.

while peter is at school, will, clara, and i do a lot of this:

just hanging out. clara has recently gotten too heavy for her swing--which was a very sad day for us. she loved that thing and would fall asleep in it and everything. but then her weight got the best of her and the swing. it no longer swings when she's in it. she's just too heavy. so, i'm stuck holding her most of the day (she doesn't last too long in the bumbo or bouncer), which means we don't get a lot done. besides go to sea world, that is :) anyway, and since will loves to cuddle too, that's just what we do a lot of the day! i really can't complain. there's nothing i'd rather do than hold and cuddle my two kiddies, but the housework and getting unpacked has really been neglected . . .

on another note, we had a great 4th of july this year. it started out with a long bike ride for peter and then a run for me. then we undid all of that calorie-burning by eating BBQ at Rudy's. after afternoon naps, we loaded up and went to Boerne, a small town about 20 minutes outside san antonio. we went to their little town carnival (will tore it up in the bounce houses), grabbed burgers at a local spot, and then settled down in their city park for the fireworks show. it was a great independence day spent together as a family.

so that's pretty much what we've been up to the last couple of weeks! if any of you are itching for some good BBQ, hot weather, and a day at sea world, come on down! we'd love to have you! these two crazy kids will be sure to show you a good time :)

will, our gangster ghost