Tuesday, April 28, 2009

baby bedding

so i'm thinking about making the bedding for our baby's crib. is that crazy? but i figure, since my mother is a genius when it comes to any and all things sew-y, and since i'm going to be home with her in california this summer for the WHOLE month of july . . . why not give it a try?! and well, if i totally screw up, then i have her nice and close to fix it! so, i've just started looking for material, and i've found a few gender-neutral prints that i really like from sew mama sew. but i would LOVE to have your opinion on which pattern you like best!

Friday, April 17, 2009


after almost 5 months of being married, we FINALLY received our wedding pictures from our photographer. (who is amazing by the way. check him out here.) so . . . i thought i'd post a few of my favorites for you all in case you're interested. seeing these pictures reminds me of what a wonderful day we had and how blessed we were to have so many friends and family in attendance at our wedding ceremony, reception, and open house.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

check out our adorable sea creature!

by emily.

so yesterday peter and i trekked up to the upper east side for our nucal translucency screening ultra sound. in this ultra sound they were checking for genetic abnormalities, such as downs syndrome, and trisomy 13 and 18. luckily, after the blood test and ultra sound, our results showed that the likelihood that our baby will have one of these disorders is very, very slim.

below are some of the pictures of our baby from our ultra sound. it was AMAZING how much we could see of our cute, little, alien baby! the technician also did a 3D ultra sound, and even a 4D ultra sound (the 4th dimension being time, which basically means we got to see a live video of our baby squirming around). we had so much fun watching our little one bounce, kick, squirm, and shake its little body all over the place. we couldn't believe how active it was throughout the whole ultra sound, but then once the technician had me cough, we were really in for a show! anyway, we hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!!

we think it is trying to suck a thumb...

this is the 3D picture. and that is just the umbilical cord... :) we don't know the gender yet...

Friday, April 3, 2009

To All You April Fools...

There seems to be quite a bit of skepticism and unbelief surrounding the great news on our blog two days ago. Granted, Emily and I have never had a baby to announce before and this is our first time ever telling people that we are expecting, so we're not really sure how people normally react. But, I'd have to say, the response was odd. Of course you've read some of the comments on the blog. Here's a sample of some of the other off-blog disregards we got.

Me (text message): D'you see our blog today?
Cousin 1 (reply): I know what day it is.

Friend 1: (sacastically) Congratulations...?
Me: (shrug) I guess
Friend 1: It (the joke) was too obvious. You should have built it up for a few days before.

Friend 2: You guys joke too much.
Me: What are you talking about?
Friend 2: Uh. Preggers...? Where did you find that picture of the pregnancy test?

Friend 3: "_____________"
(didn't even say anything, i.e. didn't even think the joke was real enough to mention)

Friend 4: Atta boy. That better not be a joke.

Friend 5: Tell me the truth about the blog or I'll be mad at you.

Friend 6: Wait, what the crap, I've never taken a test like that before. Does line mean that you are? Or is that a (-) negative sign and it means that you aren't? Shut up, seriously.... but it's April Fools, so it's not real. I don't think it is true because of your classic "We're engaged" post earlier. You think you're so funny.

Well the truth is: we do think we are pretty funny. What's even funnier is the reverse April Fools joke we pulled on all you non-believers. [A special thanks to my family for playing along and acting like they didn't know and refused to believe]

So here's one more picture to try to convince the skeptics...
If you look in the upper left corner you'll see "Townsend," and no that is not a borrowed picture. Our scheme is not that elaborate. You can also see the "Downtown Women" label for our doctors in Soho, plus the handwritten due date of 10/23/09 and the 8w2d label from 3/11/09 meaning that we are just coming out of the first trimester and really, really hoping that Emily's constant morning sickness will start to fade very soon.

As for the picture we put up. Two lines means pregnant. For those of you who have been to our apartment, that is definitely our black coffee table and those are my blurry thumb and fingers...

I hope this post clears up any confusion about our reverse April Fools day prank. If you still don't believe us, feel free to call our parents, grandparents, or siblings....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Month, New Beginnings

Today is the first day of April.
Today is also my grandmother's birthday.

So in the spirit of the first day of this new month and in the spirit of celebration, I will post this for your viewing pleasure.
I hope you like it.

I hope nothing else is as cool as this for you today...