Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yum yum: mum mums

ok. i realize that chewing food really isn't a monumental, developmental achievement by any means. and it's probably not all that blog-worthy either. that being said, William has been eating baby food for quite some time now, but only the smooth kind.

we tried giving him those baby puffs that dissolve basically in an instant way back in florida several months ago, but then and since then, he would fake choke himself, gag, and spit out the puffs as quickly as he could move it to the front of his mouth. same story with anything, dry, non-smooth, or not baby-food-ish.

that was until yesterday. we tried once again as we do periodically to get him to eat some drier food, that he actually has to chew. mum mums and puffs. to our great excitement, he chomped on them both. granted, it's not like he enjoyed the experience, and there were more than just of couple gag sessions, but at least he has begun to master the general mechanics of working that lower jaw towards proper masticatory skills... we're so proud.

so if you have a minute or so to spare, indulge us and enjoy Will's triumph.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

oak alley plantation

antebellum home tour is about to happen right about now. when we first found out that we were coming to mississippi, the first thing my dad said was, "oh you have to go see some of those antebellum homes..." i was like, right, i'll get right on that.

actually, i did think it would be pretty fun. however, it took us almost a full year of living here to finally get to some. today was the day. emily's mom is in town this week, so we decided to make the drive out to baton rouge and back and hit plantation row along the route from baton rouge to new orleans.

we saw plenty of sweet homes along the mis'sipp, but we took a tour of the best one. the oak alley plantation. the oaks above are around 400 years old. and the oaks below are only 150 years old. pretty awesome.

we weren't allow to take any pictures of the mansion's insides. but this picture is from the balcony out towards the mississippi river.
and once we got out in the alley, we sorta went crazy with the photoshoot. but who wouldn't when you think your kid looks so cute posing on the brick path.

even emily's mom, jenny, got in on the posing fun. i think Will loves being with his grandma. the two of them giggled and babbled at each other for most of the car ride (when Will wasn't sleeping).

all in all it was a really fun day. and a super sweaty day at that. i don't know how those people lived in this heat without proper AC, let alone work in the fields...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


right now Will has a runny nose. and sometimes when he eats he sneezes. then this happens . . .

i know it's kind of gross, but it was so funny, i just couldn't resist!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


last weekend we went out to utah so that Will could practice living there. i think it went pretty well.

we spent time with grandma and grandpa . . .

went to a REAL Salt Lake game . . .

and even visited Will's namesake, his great-grandpa.
so, after a weekend of practice, i think that we are definitely ready to move to utah!!!!