Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yum yum: mum mums

ok. i realize that chewing food really isn't a monumental, developmental achievement by any means. and it's probably not all that blog-worthy either. that being said, William has been eating baby food for quite some time now, but only the smooth kind.

we tried giving him those baby puffs that dissolve basically in an instant way back in florida several months ago, but then and since then, he would fake choke himself, gag, and spit out the puffs as quickly as he could move it to the front of his mouth. same story with anything, dry, non-smooth, or not baby-food-ish.

that was until yesterday. we tried once again as we do periodically to get him to eat some drier food, that he actually has to chew. mum mums and puffs. to our great excitement, he chomped on them both. granted, it's not like he enjoyed the experience, and there were more than just of couple gag sessions, but at least he has begun to master the general mechanics of working that lower jaw towards proper masticatory skills... we're so proud.

so if you have a minute or so to spare, indulge us and enjoy Will's triumph.


Bonnie said...

squinty eyes! adorable! I love how you said dont worry i'm not going to take a picture! he already knows! LOL

jenny&steve said...

so cute!! he is such a little charmer with that smile and those squinty eyes!
jenny and elise

Whitney said...

Hooray Will! Nice chomping. Weston was loving the video. He just stared at Will. They are best buds already.

The Olsens said...

We miss Will!!!!! We go through a box of those a week. Not even kidding.

mom/shauna said...

Who would guess that eating a cracker could be so entertaining?
I laughed out loud hearing Will chomp, chomp, chomp. EVERYTHING he does is so cute.

brittani c. said...

Emily, I was blog hopping tonight and found yours. Your baby is adorable and you look like you're loving the South!
How do you know Jonny and Krista Brennan? They were in Ohio with us for school. She is just darling.