Sunday, February 26, 2012

our last day in sunny CA

today was our last day in southern california . . . we are definitely going to miss my parents and siblings and the sunny, warm california weather. to see us off, my brother, cort and his wife kim, and their kids came up to spend the day with us. we went to the outdoor shopping mall, the americana, which also had a farmer's market with a little petting zoo and pony rides. usually william does not get too excited over animals, and in the past has not enjoyed pony rides, but today, with kate's enthusiasm to egg him on, he had a blast! i think he was very proud of himself for riding a pony :)

after the pony rides we got lunch and sat on the grass to eat and let the kids run wild. and they were so wild. but these two little cousins really do love each other.

we are really going to miss seeing all of my family so often! it has been so fun for will to get to see his california cousins over the last two months. and he is REALLY, REALLY going to miss grandma jenny and papa. the first thing he asks every morning when he wakes up is where they are and what they are doing. if my mom goes anywhere during the day, or even just walks into a different room, will immediately questions where she went and tries to find her. poor guy is going to miss his grandparents :( but, on the other hand, us going home means that we're that much closer to having our baby girl, and also to daddy's return! so hopefully the time will pass quickly and the utah weather won't be too terrible! utah, here we come!


Elise said...

that last picture of kate and will is SO cute!

Whitney said...

I love the horse picture with the cars in the background. For some reason I picture horses near stables or something not next to buildings and cars! Looks like they had a blast. Glad you made it home safely. We loved seeing you guys!