Tuesday, October 13, 2009

totally smitten.

total time being pregnant: 38 weeks and 1 day
total number of vomits: innumerable
total number of doctors prior to birth: 9
total times we had met the doctor that delivered our baby: 0
total weight gained: (you'll have to ask the mother)
total number of days of prelabor: 6
total number minutes of actual labor contractions prior to water breaking: 45
total time driving to hospital: 15 mins
total time waiting for the train to pass in front of us 100 yards in front of the hospital: 90 seconds, felt like 90 mins.
total number of helpful USAF airmen that ran to get a wheelchair for us as we approached the hospital: 2
total number of nurses and techs that didn't believe us that her water had broken: 4
total number of hours pre-epidural: 3.5
total time the nurse told us to rest before it would be time to push: 9 hours
actual time we rested before it was time to push: 25 mins
total time pushing: 16 mins
total time in labor: 5 hours, 56 mins.

total bliss.

welcome to the world our baby boy.

William Shigeki Frandsen

Born October 10th at 10:56 pm. Weighing in at a whooping: 6 lbs 4 oz, measuring 20 inches.

It was an incredible weekend. Luckily, it was Columbus Day weekend, so the whole hospital and base was totally vacated. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. In fact, for most of the time we were there we were the only ones in Labor and Delivery. It was nice.

We spent our obligatory 48 hours at the hospital and were released this morning. So we spent the days taking lots and lots of pictures of Little Man. He was a good sport. Here's a sample of some of our favorites:

Will the Worm.
Once of the nice things about having a baby really far away from family and friends is getting lots of one on one bonding time. This is me and Will catching a movie before Emily's mom got to the hospital, posing like father, like son.

Will got to spend lots of time cuddled up on Emily. It's fairly easy to see that they both loved it.

Before we left the hospital, we took our first family photo

and had our first frandsen team huddle. Just one of many, many more to come.

And I just have to say, from a non-biased point of view, I think little William is totally adorable!!


Stephen said...

First! Yes. Welcome little willy.

B said...

Holy cutie. Congrats, guys. Glad everything went well. Peter Frandsen is a father. Wow.

Dede said...

I've been waiting to see these pictures. He is AMAZING! Emily-you look beautiful. I am so happy for you. Get ready for the time of your life. Em, when you feel up to it, call me! I can't wait to hear all about it. Hope you're feeling good.

Nick said...

Will looks awesome you guys. I'm excited to meet him.

ron said...

Totally beautiful grandson!
We, too, can hardly wait to hold Shige-Chan.
Emily: You look so pretty holding little Will.
Peter: Dad and I are thrilled you love fatherhood. Keep the photos coming. ~Love, Mom

ron said...

After looking at these pictures, I see a little bit of Emily in the nose and mouth. But then again, the pictures you sent the first day look like Peter. At least I'm glad he looks like both of you.
You have certainly made us proud grandparents. Love, Dad

ron said...

PS The family photo is awesome.

Jill Tew said...

I'm unbiased and I think he's totally adorable too! Good job you guys. And Peter, look at you...all cheesy and sappy and stuff...:) Your pictures look great! And it was fun to read all of the stats.

Jamie said...

Congratulations guys!! He is beautiful! You did an amazing job documenting the event - I wish I would have done that with my first two. Oh, and I LOVE the team huddle! Precious :)

aimee heff said...

How fun! He is so small and cute. 16 minutes?! Nice job, Emily.

Parenthood looks great on you guys.

Lorraine said...

I had heard the good news and was waiting for some pics. ADORABLE!!! (But that was expected.) Congrats to the three of you!

Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

Congrats!!! He was born on my birthday it's a great day!!

Bonnie said...

totally adorable!
He is peter's little twin, but I think he has a townsend nose!! LOve him! EMily you look great! Ian glad we got to chat right before he came!

libby said...

congratulations you guys! he is beautiful. emily, your labor sounds like it couldn't have gone better. when do we get to meet him? are you going to utah for Christmas?

Krista said...

That is one good looking kid! I'm so glad to hear everything went well...nice description of events! I can't wait to see my Emily as a mommy! I'm so happy for you guys!

Rosalynde said...

Congratulations, all three of you! He is just precious, and such a tiny little guy! I love the name. Enjoy this special time.


jenny&steve said...

I love those pictures!!! Nice to see shots from the new camera. I can't wait to see more pictures and iChat soon once you guys are up to it. I wish I were there!!

Amy F said...

So fun. He is so cute. I love the picture of him on Peter's chest... seeing how tiny his head is compared to Peter's.

Can't wait to meet Will/see you guys as parents in December.

The Olsens said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! He really is super adorable. We can't wait to meet the little guy. I love the picture of all of your hands. So cute! Super cute family. Good work Frandsens! I also love that London and Will were born so close together. October rules!

Melinda Frandsen said...

We are so happy for you guys. What a beautiful and lucky baby you have.

Jill Tew said...

Happy Birthday Peter!

mom/shauna said...

Perfect birthday gift, a new darling little son, William to hold.
Have a fun bd.

The Frandsen's said...

Congrats from Darin and Trudy! He's Beautiful!

Melissa said...

He is so cute and so tiny!! I love looking at those pictures of you guys in the hospital. It gets me all teary eyed. Especially to see you, Emily with that little Will. I wish I could come and meet the little guy. Congratulations!

brownymama said...

Wow! That's a lot of comments. Little William is already adored by many. He is so cute and I loved the post of how things happened. Congratulations!

Kaedi said...

Let me just add to the bazillion comments here by saying, he is so adorable! And you look great, Emily! Are you sure you just had a baby?? I'm so happy that everything went well and everyone is healthy. I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet this guy in November. Oh, and I guess see his parents, too. You guys still comin?!?

Jared and Patty Willardsen said...

you kissing him is the best pic i have ever seen! I can't wait to meet him some day!