Sunday, November 22, 2009

happy anniversary!

what a year.

got married.
got pregnant.
graduated dental school.
moved to mississippi.
and had Will.

like i said, what a year . . . but it's been the best year ever.
i love you, babe.


ron said...

We love you both, and we could not be more proud. Love, Dad

ron said...

All happy, happy events.
New marriage, new home, new degree, new baby! Life is good.
Your future looks bright.
Love, Mom

Jill Tew said...

What a year indeed! Congrats you two!

Whitney said...

I haven't seen that picture. I really like it! You both look great in it. Happy first year!!

Amy F said...

Wow... when you put it that way...

Happy Anniversary!!

petey said...

to celebrate, we left Will with a baby sitter for the first time, excluding grandmother time, and went to the casino!

j/k. sorta. the casinos have the best restaurants down here.

emily's right. it has been the best year ever.

Nick said...

what about that french place across from the Hard Rock?

Kaedi said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys! Oh wait, you're sitting right in front of me -- I'll just tell you in person.