Tuesday, December 8, 2009

big shout out for a little city guy.

one thing i love is when good old salt lake city gets a shout out from the grey lady. it doesn't happen that often, but when it does, i giggle inside.

this time when i read this article, i giggled out loud, a.k.a. i LOL'd.

i'm not sure how many of you have heard the honorable mr. hatch's foray into musical creation. i have and it's hilarious. so the idea of him expanding his reach into the Jewish musical lexicon (if there is such a thing) adding to the likes of Matisyahu (link included to:) Matisyahumakes me laugh out loud. i just hope that it's as beautiful as some of the other lyrical wonders he has previously engineered.

i can't wait to hear what he's done and what else he has in store.

make us salt lakians proud, mr. hatch make us proud...!


Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

Senator Hatch is in our ward here in Virginia. We see him about every other sunday or so at church. He gives some unique comments and perspectives in sunday school. I didn't realize he wrote music though. I lol right along with you Pete.

embily said...

i just love the words to his new hanukkah song. let's celebrate. hey!

and i love the guy that was quoted saying that it doesn't get much better than senator hatch singing about hanukkah . . . i couldn't agree more. awesome.

Stephen said...

i loved every second of this weird, third-world sounding "hip-hop" song. pt: the truth by tracy can sometimes be misleading...