Friday, February 26, 2010

Beijing Super Buffet

so there is this classically awesome chinese buffet not too far from our house. we joke about eating there almost every time we drive past it.

well, tonight emily was in the mood for chinese and since that happens once every 12-18 months, i knew i had to latch on if we were going to get all super beijing-y.

and this is what happened.
please don't read into this. i will lay the facts and that's all. let there be no speculation, for it would be baseless and uneventful.

so, after a wonderful meal, filled with much more than you would expect at a chinese buffet and admiring the many, many variations of hunting camo (vest, jackets, brim hats, shirts, shorts, etc, etc) that can be worn at such a dining establishment, we decided our fate with the traditional fortune cookies.

emily went first: her's read:
The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life.

so i said: ooh, a baby. then i read mine:
Through greater effort and hard work a precious dream comes true.

so i said, ooh a family, a sibling for little william. emily was not amused.

so we turned our fortunes over.

mine is on top. emily's is on bottom.

and i'm pretty sure, the egg roll refers to this (from a book called: baby-gami, teaching the ancient arts of wrapping your baby).

you know, the chinese are rarely wrong when it comes to this sort of stuff.

on an unrelated note, we decided last night, that it's time for Will to start pulling his own weight around here, so we made him start feeding himself. i think he figured it out alright.


Whitney said...

May I be the first to congratulate you guys!

Jill Tew said...

was the chinese gender calendar right on Will?

petey said...

the chinese gender could very well have been correct. we're not sure if we conceived in the last bit of january or the first of february. that would make the calendar just on or just off.

mom/shauna said...

hmmmm...good fortunes!

Kaedi said...

Um, the best part would be the line preceding it all: "i knew i had to latch on"

Ha ha.

Miss you guys! Oh, and my vote is that having #2 sooner, rather than later, is easier in the end.

Dede said...

Will is getting so big!

Stephen said...

i want pictures of all the camo...

petey said...

we took a bunch of pictures, but it wouldn't do any good to send them to you because you can't see the camo. that's the point of good camo.

aimee said...

Very fun! I like how you guys are just pumping them out. Emily, you are a baby machine.


Elise said...

well then, this means you must move to utah so a loving aunt can help babysit the young ones!

Dad (TMF) said...

So, is there a baby hiding in the cammo or not?