Sunday, February 7, 2010

who dat who dat

it's been an exciting weekend for us down here in Saints' country . . .

it all started on friday, when we joined some of our friends and went to a real southern gem: Cajun's. it's an awesome, ghetto-licious, delicious, fried chicken buffet. and you can only imagine the clientele . . . the guy behind me had a full-on gold grill on his whole top row of teeth and we saw about 4 different women who had bright red-dyed streaks of hair running through their elaborately done-up hairdos. oh yeah, and we can't forget the old, toothless woman who apparently thought William was just too cute to not touch all over his hands and face. gross. i almost smacked her hand away. instead, i just smiled and patiently waited until she walked away and then quickly scrubbed him down with a baby wipe. sorry if i'm a brat, but come on. touching his face???? that's a little more than i can handle.
last night we went to the Air Force Krewe of Medics Ball. kind of funny, kind of awesome. it was like a mardi gras prom with costumes, ball gowns, masks, and mardi gras beads. unfortunately, peter got called in (he's the dentist on-call for the week on base), so i went to the ball stag for the first two hours :( but luckily, he made it in time to break it down on the dance floor with me.

the highlight of the night for sure was when the whole room stood up, started waving the American flags that were placed in everyone's seats, and broke into singing "Proud to be an American." only in the South. and only at a military event . . . oh, and don't worry, we documented the spectacle for your viewing pleasure:

then today, our boys the Saints brought it all home! go Saints!!!! we got all Who Dem Saints done up and watched the big game with some friends of ours. and we ate a lot of crap. but it was delicious. overall i'd say we had a very southern, very carnival-ish, party weekend!


mom/shauna said...

It is so fun to hear about your 'southern' experiences.
I loved your masks...Emily, the purple was elegant! I'm glad Peter finally made it to the ball. The video was kind of dark, but I could tell there were tons of people. Actually, it was fitting for you Southerners that the Saints won...although I know there are a lot of Austin Collie fans here. Way to live it up in the South.

Whitney said...

What a fun weekend! That's a bummer that Peter got called in during the ball. Nice outfits guys! That buffet place does kind of gross me out though just thinking about it.

embily said...

whitney. if you guys ever come and visit us we are FOR SURE taking you to cajun's. you have to experience it.

Stephen said...

i think the last time i heard that song was a 3rd grade assembly or something. although, i am proud as well, don't get me wrong