Friday, March 19, 2010

up-down vote

To commemorate "an historic up-down vote on health care reform legislation" this Sunday, we decided it was time to let William start exercising his own rights. So we gave him a variety of new activities to try out for the first time and let him vote on whether or not he liked them. We think he will be a civic-minded individual after this day of voting. Feel free to vote yourself on whether you think he enjoyed each particular event.

First up. So that Will won't ever forget his Deep South roots, he got his first back woods photo shoot. He voted yes for some and a definite no for others.

Event #1: Sitting alone in the woods. Will's vote: yes

Event #2: Sitting on a log in the woods. Will's vote: no

Event #3: Playing/looking/grabbing/trying to eat nearby grass/weeds/sticks. Will's vote: yes.

Event #4: Flying with dad under the trees. Will's vote: yes

Event #5: Swinging in the swing. Will's vote: yes
p.s. thanks to Jill for the photo tip.

Event #6: Sliding down the slide. Will's vote: definite no

Event #7: Bouncing on the pelican: Will's vote: no

William had a busy day. Too much voting. Let's just hope Obama gets the votes he needs too this weekend.


Elise said...

haha these are fantastic! very creative. i love the below shots under the trees. i still can't get over how darling William is!!!

Bonnie said...

Love his pouty face! He's getting so big and Em, you look so great! happy family!

Jill Tew said...

How many outfits did he go through today?

His hair looks like it's coming in nicely.

And glad that AL servo worked for you.

Looks like a fun day for all of you!

I'd trade you for the frigid wind and snow we had.

petey said...

just two outfits. you'll have to ask nick to show the picture I sent him. that's the reason Will had a mid-morning wardrobe change. that and all the peas we've been feeding him lately. ;)

ron said...

I vote 'yes' on #4. Let me know when I can make a print of it.
~ Mom

The Hepworths said...

oh my gosh, you guys have created the cutest boy in the universe. i love him! what fun parents he has too:)

Whitney said...

I love that picture of Emily and Will on the swing. It is so darling! And I think you need a "DEFINITE no" on the pelican. He and Weston are going to be best cousin friends, I know it!

Nick said...

These are awesome. As was the picture that only me and Stevie got to see.

Stephen said...

i like his jacket

Dad (TMF) said...

And, I'm sorry the yesses outweighed the no's.