Sunday, May 24, 2009


this week was monumental.

first of all . . .


i am so so so proud of him! 4 years, many sleepless nights studying for tests and dealing with difficult patients, and he is finally done! to help us celebrate and join in all of the graduation ceremonies, peter's mom, dad, brother, sister, and nephew came out to new york for the week. we had a very busy, fun-filled week . . .

on wednesday, may 20th was columbia university's commencement ceremony. it was a VERY hot day, and the ceremony was outside in columbia's square just below the library and alma mater statue. the setting was really magnificent and dramatic. and even though it was hot, it was beautiful and it was so fun to see peter sitting there with his harry potter costume and waving a giant blown up toothbrush!

after the commencement ceremony on wednesday, we went to peter's graduating class awards ceremony. peter, being the stellar student he is, won two awards, one of which was for leadership and the other was for his excellence in pediatrics. good job, peter!!!

on thursday, may 21st, was the dental school graduation where peter was hooded with his lilac colored doctoral hood. it was a really neat ceremony as well, and they even had author jeffrey sachs speak.

and then friday, saturday, and sunday were filled with fun, fun, fun! we went to storm king in upstate new york, did a ton of shopping, saw guys and dolls on broadway, and ate at lots of yummy restaurants.

oh yeah and on friday we also found out that . . .

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!


ron said...

Great post Emily. Thanks for having us. A new grandson will be great. love, dad

ron said...

Columbia presented an impressive graduation commencement and convocation. We, too, were so proud of Peter's achievements in earning his degree.
Ron and I were just commenting on how much fun we had with all our kids in NY. (We missed Steven and appreciated him being with his kids.)
Thanks for inviting me to view the ultrasound where we saw another
GRANDSON!!! Are we excited? YES!!!
Thanks for being wonderful hosts and sharing your darling Brooklyn home with us.
Hope you can relax and enjoy St. Kitts next week.
Two more NY bonuses: Hearing you speak in church...wonderful talks...listening to Stephen perform in his band...He ROCKS!

Andrew Townsend said...


Nick said...

Thanks for a fun week you guys.

I'm still the gold medal holder in Wii hammer toss.

As for naming for the little one, what about Glen Beck Frandsen?

mom/shauna said...

Glen Beck - UGH!
How abour Laurence Olivier Frandsen?

petey said...

comments like that will get you banned from holding our baby boy.


Dede said...

First of all, congrats to Peter! What an accomplishment.

Second, YA FOR BOYS!!! So happy for you two. I personally think boys are so much fun (even at a ripe age of two months). I can't wait to see this cute little boy.

Em, I hope you're starting to feel better!

ron said...

Just kidding, but I know you like old traditional names.
Do you know who Laurence Olivier is?

ron said...

Last comment is from Mom. Dad doesn't want any credit for my comments.

embily said...

yes, the actor. but i think we're going to try and stay away from naming our children after tv/movie celebrities . . .

and dede, thanks! we're really excited! now oliver and our baby can be best friends!!!

aimee heff said...

Good job, Peter! You look pretty smart in that outfit.

Congrats on the boy too. If you want your kid to get beat up my mine name him Glen Beck Frandsen.

Kit Kat said...

Wow...a lot of great and exciting things happening in your life! Congrats to Peter...I'm sure those were not the easiest 4 years of his life...what an accomplishment! Also, congrats on having a boy. Little boys are the most fun. You need to call me sometime soon...we have too much to catch up on.

Jamie said...

i knew it!! yay, boys are so much fun!! and congrats peter. i bet that feels so good to be done! can't wait to see you in a few weeks em!

Jill said...

A big week indeed. Emily, I think you summed up your big life events really well in your talk. I thought your talks were the perfect ending to the fun-filled week. Thanks for hosting us and showing us a good time. You are a champ with your lack of pregnancy energy, to play with us all week. Again, we are so excited for your little boy! Congrats to your little family!

Amy F said...

A boy!! Wahoo!!

Wow... that is some cap and gown. Quite the get-up Petey! You look regal. Congratulations!

What an exciting time for you two!!

paul said...

i like your hat the most peter.

congrats on the boy! yay.

Lorraine said...

SOOOOOOO PUMPED!!!! I thought you'd be having a boy, for some reason! Let's go shopping together for cute little boy clothes when you are out here. And congrats on graduation, Peter!