Monday, June 1, 2009


so we're in mississippi.

i would write and brag about all the cool things we've done since the last post as is customary.

but, we're in mississippi.

we're presently waiting for our movers to deliver all of our stuff from brooklyn, which means in the meantime, we've spent the whole weekend in our brand new empty apartment.

luckily, someone who named their wireless network motorola hasn't password protected their network, so at least we have the internet. between that, iPhone games, and chain restaurants we have survived our first weekend in D'Iberville, MS.

i'd post some sweet pictures, but we haven't taken any.

well, at least it's warm. it was 80 degrees at like 8:30 this morning. so maybe we'll go hit the pool(s) at our apartment complex...

stay tuned for equally exciting updates throughout the next twelve months in Biloxi, Mississippi...!


Kit Kat said...

it already sounds similar to the last 4 years of my life in ohio. good luck with the move!

p.s. can I get your new home address??

Bonnie and David said...

gosh, it sounds like the next 3 years are going to be full of jammed pack fun.
Its a good thing baby peter is coming to keep you two busy!!
have fun unpacking and on your trips! Love you
and p.s. emily! I love that peter is the main blogger. that worries me since you are the one who will be home with the baby and will need to be posting pictures of him.

Jill said...

:) :) :) Sounds like you're loving it! Here something to entertain you, close your eyes and try imagining Lucas boxing on the wii. Pretty funny.

petey said...


did steven get his gift already? i have no problems asking about it since i know he hasn't read a blog in his life.

Nick said...

you need to post a video of boxing lucas.

Nick said...

Mizz-sippi sounds money. go check out the AFB golf course.

mom/shauna said...

Can hardly wait to here about all your Mississippi adventures. You will be sharing these stories for the rest of your life.
Yes, send your mailing address.

Remind me to show you our 72 hour kits. Any hurricanes in the forecast?

I want to see Lucas boxing too.

Stephen said...

dirty south, ya'll!!!

Jamie said...

sounds fun guys.

petey said...

we did however bust out our little lime green smokey joe grill last night and grill some steak on our deck.

i'm been waiting to do that since we registered for it so many months ago.

we'll prolly bust out some weiner and maybe some s'more this week too before we peace out for st. kitts.

paul said...


scott and lindsey said...

well well well... hello there Peter (and emily!) . CONGRATS on graduating and on THE BABY!! WHOA- thats awesome!! Lots of changes! Although i laughed a bit when you mentioned the pool- of course you'd be lounging... that will never change. What's your story now? Are you permanent in Mississippi? HOpe all is well! Keep in touch. ;)

p.s.- saw Fast and Furious- i expected a little more, although Paul Walker delivered like I knew he would.