Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break and Back

Prepare yourselves, this is a doosie, a really long doosie.

We took Will on his second trip for Christmas break. This time it was to Salt Lake, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. He told me last night when we got home that he really enjoyed all three.

It was a pretty hectic Christmas break: one week in Utah, one week in Los Angeles and a quick road trip over to Arizona for Emily's grandma's 90th birthday party.

With all of that we still had time to...

... 1) bless Will at my parent's home ward. It was great because so many of our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were able to make it. Here's a shot of four generations of Frandsens.

... 2) Pose for a J. Crew advertisement,

... 3) launch my brother Nick's modeling career,

... 4) pose for a Frandsen family Christmas card,

... 5) expose Will to his first dose of cold Utah winter while chilling with our nephews,

... 6) bond with Grandmas and Grandpas,

Here's another four generation shot on my mom's side:

... 7) make gingerbread houses for FHE,

and this was even all before Christmas. Not to mention the extended Frandsen/Ushio annual Christmas parties and all the associated revelry...

On Christmas, the kiddos got just what they asked for. I guess they were nice and not naughty. This is our nephew Zach and his new skates.

Will wasn't quite sure what to think of all the hoopla, but I'm sure he'll figure it all out soon enough.

Uncle Nick decided 2 months old is old enough to start the indoctrination of little ones and so it began...

With Christmas over and done, it was time to head to LA to hang out with Emily's family.

That meant more sibling bonding time.

More presents from Santa, like this rad sumo stocking stuffer that mesmerized Will pretty well.

He also got some more uncle bonding time in.

And met his new buddy/cousin Weston.

Plus we schlepped him all over LA and all the way to Phoenix to meet more relatives, which meant plenty of car seat time. Thankfully he loves his car seat and his buddy the swinging owl.

All in all, it was a really fun 2 weeks. We've decided that we could totally just hang out with our families all the time and be totally happy. Of course friends are great, but there is nothing quite like staying up late and goofing around with your siblings and parents, even if that means beating them in pictionary in the greatest come back ever known to the game of pictionary or any other game for that matter...

Oh yeah. And Happy New Year to everybody too.


mom/shauna said...

What a great 1st Christmas for Will and an especially memorable one for his parents. (He is very photogenic.) Will is loved by so many family members on both sides. He is fortunate indeed.
You forgot to mention that the womenfolk were unstoppable playing "25 Words or Less," the more intellectual game. All in all, games are fun and reveal quirky personality traits. It was a great holiday for everyone. So glad you could come west...or as the Mississippians would say, "north."

Jill Tew said...

Emily looks super chipper in the picture with her sisters. Were you guys all healthy for the 2nd leg of your trip?

It was fun having you guys here. Wish you were here more often!

mom/shauna said...

ps~ cute J. Crew shot and great GQ shot of Nick's modeling launch.

Nick said...

Aside from Will in the D-Will onesie, the best pictures were santa hat Will, and the Sumo doll Will. He has the funniest expressions on his face.

petey said...

yeah. we were pretty healthy, minus my voice, that still hasn't come back yet.

Will has some of nasty-D when we got there and we're pretty sure he gave his illness to basically everyone in the house. But he's doing better now too. Sleeping like a baby...

Amy F said...

Schlepped? Nice. Wow... what a great first Christmas for little Will. It was so nice to see you guys... you make such fun/doting parents.