Thursday, May 6, 2010

california lovin'

we just got back from california for my little brother, andrew's wedding. we packed a lot in over the weekend, so beware, there are a lot of pictures to follow!

the wedding reception was at my parent's house (post coming soon displaying my mom's creative wedding-throwing talents . . .) and so we spent the weekend setting up, having fun with family, celebrating my birthday (which was perfect timing--i was so happy to be with my family on my birthday) and partying!

here are the cousins (will, weston, kate, and emmy) getting to know each other.

little kate having fun in the pool.

waiting at the temple. William had fun giving all of his aunts and uncles lots of loves and cuddles. here he is cuddling up to aunt kimmie.

the lovely couple.

lots of wedding party pictures.

cort and peter, are you guys serious???

family pics.

fun beach time! here are little kate, jane, and big kate.

and of course, my styling grandma margie.

we had such a fun time, it was hard to leave! we can't wait to be out West again!!!!


Whitney said...

Those are such fun pictures! We loved seeing you guys and can't wait for you to move closer.

Stephen said...

where's the picture of petey getting up on the wave?

Bonnie said...

Emily you look so Amazing in the wedding pictures! those are really pretty dresses and will has gotten so big!! ahhh! such a cutie and so is kate!

Bonnie said...

and thank you for Will's made in brooklyn shirt! hilarious and "punny"

Dede said...

Looks like fun! Em, you look amazing. And, do you parents age? I'm not just saying this, but they look exactly like they did when we were in high school-you have good genes :)

mom/shauna said...

Beautiful wedding photos. Still love that hat on Will. The cousin shots are so cute. Anxious to see more wedding pics.

mom/shauna said...

Another favorite picture...your Grandma Margie. She is stylin.'

mom/shauna said...
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Melissa said...

JEALOUS that you were in Cali!!! So much fun to be able to spend all that time with the fam. I miss that stylin' grandma of yours. She could teach me a thing or two.

The Olsens said...

Looks like fun guys! I love Will in his little suit. He looks very stylish and handsome.

Jill T said...

that picture of your grandma is awesome! and all the kiddos look so cute all dressed up. I'm glad we overlapped and got to see you for an afternoon!