Wednesday, September 29, 2010

cool beats.

as the fall kicks off legit. it's always good to find new music to accompany the change of mood that follows the change in season... plus i haven't done a music post in seriously, a couple of years.

and. the blog is sorta stale right now, so here's a quickie post to change things up a bit. but for those that read the blog just to see pictures of William, hang tight, his one-year birthday is coming up really soon and you'll have more pictures than you can handle of our little guy's first eventful year...

so. this album is only a weeks old and so far so good. expect of lot from this cadre of true musical wizards. and you won't be let down. so far, it's not as wild as their earlier stuff, but still money. it's been too long since their last album.

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs. (iTunes link)

next up. pavement is back after a long hiatus. really long hiatus. and you can't really call this new music, since it's more like gold-mastered greatest hits, but if you haven't heard some of these songs before, like me, then it still feels like new music.

Pavement: Quarantine the Past. (iTunes link)

lastly, these guys put out an album earlier this summer that was a decent follow up to their last album. more of the same, but not quite as catchy. still totally worth listening to though. i listened to the album a lot at the beginning of the summer and then forgot about until the last week or so. but i highly recommend the exploration of their latest.

Band of Horses: Infinite Arms. (iTunes link)

so, like i said, if you just want pictures of Will, hang tight.

oh yeah. and my brother, Nick is getting married today. that's pretty cool too.

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