Saturday, October 30, 2010

my little helper

will is such a good helper. he especially loves to help load and unload the dishwasher.

sometimes with halloween candy.

sometimes with his puffs.

and sometimes he likes to help with the silverware.


Bonnie said...


Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

Sam has the same pj from Costco.

It is so fun the things their little minds find interesting.

mom/shauna said...

Will is soooo funny, always on the GO! I try to empty my dishwasher when he's in the other room, but somehow he knows when I need help.

Steven said...

Will and his obsession with carrying things with handles is so funny!

(this is Jill, not Steven)

Whitney said...

What a good helper! Strong boy! Weston loves to help with the dishwasher too. He hands me the silverware and says, "Thank you!" and gets another piece.

The Olsens said...

He is the cutest little boy ever!!!!!! We miss him!! And we miss you guys!!!!!! So we need to set a Skype date! Seriously! Sunday? Be there! What time is your church?

Elise said...

he looks so cute in that shirt! he is the funniest little kid.... i love the faces he makes!