Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend of firsts.

this weekend was a weekend full of firsts.

first of all, emily and are celebrating our first second anniversary. it was amazing.
as you can see by these pretentious slippers, we stayed at the luxurious Waldorf-Astoria in Park City, thanks to a sweet military discount. seriously, one of the raddest hotels we've ever stayed in!
we left Will with my mom for two nights, his first overnighter without us.

which meant, we got to dine out late, sleep in later, hot tub in the snow, work out at the same time, listen to sales pitches about "investment opportunities," lounge around with nowhere to go and nowhere to be for the first time in a long time.
and since it was a perfect park city weekend, it wouldn't be complete without a little snow fest, which meant we got to try out our car for the first time in the snow to see how it would fare, i'd give it a B-, but we did make it back to pick up Will before my parents' church, just in time to witness Will hold his first grudge at his mom for leaving him for a couple of days.

he got over it soon enough. soon enough to enjoy his first snowy play day, his first inadvertent white wash as he biffed it in the snow, and of course his first snow man. even though, he's our little southern beau, he definitely loves Utah, it's snow, and all his new firsts...!


Krista said...

I'm a little bit jealous of your weekend of firsts...a weekend getaway would be nice and that snow looks heavenly.

Visit Park City said...

Happy Anniversary! We are happy you could spend it with us and you enjoyed it all. Please share any pictures and your experience when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook,

mom/shauna said...

Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed our FIRST weekend with just WILL.
It was the first time we'd heard him talk, talk, talk all day long. He has much to say in his secret language. He's too much fun.
Loved Will's first snowman. We'll take him for a SECOND weekend.

Whitney said...

Sounds like a very relaxing trip! Will looks so cute in his snow gear! I love the boots on him.

Josh said...

Happy anniversary guys, looked like a nice weekend away. We're mentally preparing for life w/o sleeping in, staying up late, working out, etc. Will's getting huuuge man, can't believe it--and love his outdoor outfit...