Monday, February 21, 2011

president's day fun.

a morning in the life of will includes many exciting and awesome activities. this president's day monday wasn't any different.

several months back, my mom gave william a BMW H-series. the H is for hippo. we didn't even know it was a BMW until this morning when will showed us the integrated iPhone hook up. apparently, it docks right in the front console and works like a charm. this way he can use GPS navigation to get around the kitchen/living room area without getting lost or having to ask for directions.

once he reaches he destination: the beloved ottoman in the middle of the room, he can jump up and pounce around to his heart's content.

will also loves anything pixar. so this morning we had nemo on while emily and i were getting ready. will wasn't amused by us, so he dragged some pillows into the office so he could watch nemo in comfort and style all by himself... he needs his R&R from the rough and tumble life he leads.

that's a pretty typical morning. bouncing around from one thing to another, non-stop.

today we also went bowling with my mom, jill, steven, and their kids. it was a pretty awesome. will got to eat as many smarties as he could sitting on my mom's lap and even help me bowl my 10th frame trying to get a 7-10 split. needless to say, will bowled it perfectly down the middle.
still worthy of some congratulations from his mom!

i won't brag and tell you who won the first game. instead, i'll let you live the excitement of the second game. steven and i were pretty much head to head for most of the first 9 frames, trading off who had open/closed frames, so it was hard to get a firm score to see who was actually ahead. that was until the last frame when his score came up. it looked a little something like this: steven was up 2 pins in the 9th frame, but followed his spare with only 3 pins. so all i needed to do was clean out and pick up just 5+ pins for the win.

as you can tell. steven closed out the last frame, and i would have to too to have a chance to win. first bowl: 8 pins. just needed two pins to cruise to victory.
i'll let you guess how it turned out...

back to will. he finished the day in classic form. taking a bite out of emily's deodorant. and carrying random things around in his beloved laundry basket.
it was a pretty good day. and it will probably finish off with some Cars or Toy Story...


Jill T said...

Phew, it's a good thing I know how it ended so I can sleep tonight. :)

And who gets 2 gutters right after a strike?

Did Will like the deoderant?

And will you please email me some of the bowling pics?

Thanks. That was fun. We'll have to do it again.

Amy F said...

Looks like a fun day. Love the bite out of the deodorant. Will is a cute boy.

Stephen said...

i love eating deodorant.

libby said...

stevie, I think that's some kind of disorder. you should probably see a doctor.

mack too loves all things pixar. as a matter of fact, he's been sick all day and just requested nemo. so, nemo it is. all hail disney.

Nick said...

from the looks of the picture, I'm guessing your hook was too strong and you missed both pins on the right side gutter.

petey said...


don't be fooled by the tilt of the photo.

Jill T said...

Or pat yourself on the back for pretty good critique. :)

mom/shauna said...

I'm glad Will figured out the BMW -H Series. He is the most high tech kid I know. Do any other relatives under the age of 2 have their own email account like Will? I can even read the messages he sends me.

Favorite picture: Back view of Peter and Will. I have some champion bowlers in my family. Nick, I wonder how you would have fared.