Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sticky icky

today i thought i'd be a fun and creative mom (it doesn't happen very often) by making some fingerpaints for will and me to enjoy. i used this simple and awesome recipe and might i say that it turned out perfectly. mine wasn't as chunky as the pictures on their blog, which i actually liked better.

anyway, turns out william does NOT like his fingers to be sticky, icky, messy, or gooey. which, all of the above happen to describe this finger paint. i, on the other hand, loved it. it felt so good to squish my fingers in that paint!

so, the whole time will was only concerned with trying to rub his hands together and wipe the paint off of his fingers. any designs or fingerprints you see in the paint were by yours truly. will only touched the paint when i took his hand and stuck it right in the middle of the goop. which, in turn, he was not happy about.

oh well. at least i tried to be a fun mom, right? maybe he'll be more into it in another 6 months or so . . . or at least i hope. otherwise all fun and goopy activities will have to be done on my own!


petey said...

those pictures are classic!

Bonnie said...

haha! well atleast you know you raised a boy who likes to be clean! i know audrey would hate finger painting too! miss you guys!
i love that Will looks so mad that you made him fingerpaint! LOL he's too cute!!

Ashley said...

He seriously reminds me so much of London. Sadie is all about getting messy with art not so much London. She just sits and watches. Which Venice picture do you want? It's yours, free of charge. Miss you guys!

Krista said...

What's with kids these days?? Max was the same way. I think we need to expose our children to more dirt - too much time spent in sterile environments! There you have it, my soapbox moment for the day.

Jill T said...

Will's expression says it all.
My mom always said it was a good thing when kids didn't like sticky hands...that way they will always have clean fingers as the roam through the house.
YOU are one CREATIVE Mom and I'm glad you had fun fingerpainting.
~Shauna (Sorry I have to change to my account)

Jill T said...

Will's facial expressions are a crackup! So funny. I'm glad you had fun. :)

Sarah said...

Maybe Lucy and Will should hook up. I've tried countless things but that girl cannot handle messy fingers...ah well, glad you had fun!

Dede said...

Impressive, Em! Will is getting so big.