Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new york on my mind

and we're back.
a week in new york is the perfect rejuvenation.
this will be a long post, just like my last new york post, so feel free to skim if you'd like. but here is what peter and i did with our 6 childless days in new york. (btw, thank you shauna, elise, and kelli sooooo much for watching our little rascal!) we even tried new restaurants and found some new favorite places! peter had his conference for most of thursday, friday, saturday, and part of sunday, so for some of these activities i was solo. i had completely forgotten how much fun it is to shop without a baby. i could take as long as i wanted, try clothes on without having to stop william from running out from under the dressing room door, i didn't have to try and push a stroller through jam-packed aisles of clothes. it was heavenly. seriously, i probably shopped for at least 7 hours on thursday alone. anyway, like it or not, here's what we did:

-i didn't arrive until thursday, but peter arrived wednesday afternoon.
-he went for a run along the Hudson River Park
-dinner with Stephen and Hillary at Brooklyn Star

-shopping. shopping. shopping. mostly on 34th street.
-lunch with my dear friend, Adrienne :) we grabbed salads at Chop't and picnicked at Bryant Park
-more shopping

-dinner at our favorite ramen place. we don't even know the name. it's on the corner of St. Mark's where it meets Thompson Square Park. so yummy and very authentic japanese.

-went to a movie at our favorite NY indie movie theatre, Angelika, in soho. peter LOVES going there. they have really good homemade concessions also.

-slept in!!!!!
-lunch with my good friend, Catherine :) at a little japanese restaurant in the village. catherine was in my Paris study abroad group years ago and she is a really wonderful friend. i'm so glad i had the chance to meet up with her.
-dinner at the flamboyant Cafeteria.
-took a nice stroll through greenwich village and Washington Square Park

-movie (again!) at Angelika

-brunch with my fabulous friend, Michelle :) at Five Leaves
-the ballet with Michelle! i was so glad she wanted to come with me! we saw American Ballet Theatre perform Giselle at the Met. it was beautiful. then we walked over to the new Lincoln Center Grass Roof, which was so awesome.

-dinner at Woo Lae Oak. this was our favorite korean restaurant, and we found out that we got to eat there just two nights before it was closing! i'm glad we had a chance to eat there one last time :(
-then we acted like we were 22 again and we stayed out until 3:00am! we went to 230 Fifth, a really cool rooftop bar. it looks like a lounge surrounded by fake palm trees with an incredible view of the city and especially of the Empire State Building. we met up with Helen and Charles, two of peter's good friends from dental school. it was a fun night.

-lunch at 2 Brothers Pizza. they have locations all over the city and we ate there 2 or 3 times during the week. their pizza is soooooo good and so cheap. yum. i want a slice right now.
-laid out at Hudson River Park. that place just keeps getting better and better.

-wandered through Union Square.
-then we went to Grand Central Station and caught a train up to Scarsdale to have dinner at peter's Aunt Linda and Uncle Ron's house. they were so nice to have us and we had a wonderful evening eating and chatting. linda is a phenomenal cook and the perfect hostess! whenever i've been to her house, she's always had hors d'oeuvres and a yummy drink sitting out for us. so fun!

-went to an early session at the Manhattan Temple. honestly, we were a little sleepy. but it was so nice to be back in that beautiful temple!
-lunch at Good with our sweet friend, Emily :) peter and emily have been friends for years. it was really fun to spend some time with her.

-dinner at M Shanghai Bistro. best pork soup dumplings ever. and for whatever reason all of their food goes perfectly with diet coke. delicious.

-we went for a run along the Brooklyn Bridge, then we walked around and relaxed at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. it was beautiful and has incredible views of the bridge and of manhattan.

-long, relaxing lunch at An Nhau, a yummy vietnamese restaurant in williamsburg and definitely a new favorite!

-then i had to head home and peter wandered around soho, ate some dumplings for dinner and visited the apple store. he flew home this (wednesday) morning.

being in new york was so nice. we really miss living there, although toting william around that city sounds less than appealing . . . speaking of william, i missed him so much! we had such a nice vacation, but i was more than ready to return home to my baby and dress him up in the new clothes we bought him!


Amy F said...

Yay!! I've been wondering about your trip. Wow... you were fast to post about it. Glad you got to do so MUCH! And I agree about trip shopping... so nice. The only time I can actually FIND things worth BUYing because I can actually TRY them ON. :)

jenny&steve said...

Wow! What a trip you had. The restaurants all sound so yummy. I'm glad that Will has his Mommy and Daddy back with him.

Krista said...

take me next time?!!! i should have had you buy one of those outfits for max while you were at it...too cute and retro!!!!

petey said...

for the record. for those pictures of will, we were trying to get him to stand still and pose for some pictures, but instead he thought is was way more fun to chase me and try to touch/grab my phone.

he was in heaven running around the back yard.

Jill T said...

Fun trip you guys!

Speaking of Will should have seen him running in the cemetery knocking all of the flowers down. It was so funny. Like he was the ball and the flowers were the pins.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

mom/shauna said...

New York is definitely one of my favorite cities too.
I'm so glad you could spend time with Charles and Helen and all your other friends.
Shopping, restaurants, shopping, relaxing, and more deserved the perfect trip.
"Giselle"! Was it beautiful?
New York is on my mind too.

I had fun with Will. Love his new suspenders!

Elise said...

looks like you guys had a blast! i loved watching the little rascal, he is such a character! i love his new tube socks and suspenders!

Dede said...

What a fun trip!!

Melissa said...

I love this post!! We are going to NY at the beginning of November and I'm definitely using this post to help us!! Will you email me the best place to buy broadway tix? or do you have any recommendations of what hotels to stay at?? Any advice would help me a ton in this whole planning process!