Monday, July 25, 2011


this week we had some visitors. visitors that we have missed dearly over the last year since we have been in utah and they have been in germany. you might remember them from some of our good times posts in mississippi. but anyway, our good friends, the olsens, are currently in the states for a dental conference and to visit family. we were lucky enough to earn a couple of evenings of their time and we made the best of it!

March 2010

July 2011 - Getting Close

on friday night they came down to bountiful and together we all enjoyed bountiful's days of '47 fireworks extravaganza. then, tonight they came down and we all went down to gateway to shop a little and let the kids run wild in the fountains.
A little closer
being all boy, william got right in the mix, clothes and all and got soaking wet. he loved the fountain. sadie and london were a little more "dainty" in their rendezvous with the water. so, as you can see in the pictures from today, will is dripping wet and london is perfectly dry. but even with will being so wet, it didn't keep her far from his side . . . these two reconnected after a year like it was nothing. and they REALLY reconnected. good thing their parents were there to supervise . . .

we love you, olsens! come live by us so we can hang out all the time!
Boom! The First Kiss.


Bonnie said...

THat video was hilarious! I was laughing the whole time! Will is the biggest character! He just would not give up! he was going to get that kiss! haha I love how surprised the little girl was after he kissed her and put her hands up to her face! Kids are the cutest!!! I love William!

mom/shauna said...

How funny! Will certainly was persistent! And...London clearly loved the kiss. I'm amazed you got it all on camera. It will be a good beginning to their future wedding video.

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness! I couldn't stop laughing! Will sure was intent on giving her a good kiss. I love London's little pat as she hugged Will. So cute.

Jill T said...

Please let them get married, if for no other reason than the awesome wedding video it would make!

Nick said...

Always be closin' Will.

Sarah said...

I know instincts have a lot to do with it but I'd say you and Peter need to lay off the PDA around Will.... that was super awesome.