Saturday, August 6, 2011

utah in the summer.

so we just came off of our monster ride through utah last weekend. it was amazing how pretty utah is, especially in the summer. the snow in the winter is super pretty too, but it eventually gets dirty, mushy, and makes everything cold and wet. but the summer scenery doesn't have the same draw backs. i can't believe how pretty some of the legs were that we rode last weekend. the west side of utah lake over by saratoga springs, the roads before and after big rock candy mountain, and tons of other stretches were indeed pretty amazing. one of things that makes saints to sinners so cool is getting off I-15 and seeing the beauty of utah, top to bottom. it was pretty impressive. my brother in law is a smart man to plan such a scenic course for the race.

this weekend, we decided to head north instead of south, and go by foot instead of wheel.

it's been awhile since we've been hiking. once last fall and another time through moab when we were moving here from mississippi. we're not huge hikers, but i think that's mainly because we don't really know where to go. thank goodness for the internet. emily found a place up in layton called adam's canyon. it was a pretty simple hike to the top to a nice waterfall, probably a couple miles up and a couple miles back. our friends tyler and tara came along with us and brought their awesome dog radley. he roamed around the mountain like it was his home. we overheard several of the hikers we crossed say they thought a wolf was coming around the corner before they saw that he was with us.

(taking a break along the way. will didn't quite want to go into the cave with me.)

(will had way more fun on the hike than our pictures relate.)

(waterfall at the top of the hike.)

(will had fun eating his apples and tossing rocks in the river...)

(radley had fun roaming around like the ancenstral guardian of the falls.
that and digging up rocks.)

it's a lot of fun to get out and enjoy the utah mountains. tyler is a big mountain biker and told us of some cool trails up where we were hiking this morning, so on our next outing, we might have to combine the wheels and the dirt.

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Andrew Townsend said...

That looks super fun! We will have to do some fun hikes when you get out here in Hawaii!