Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

we had a fun-filled easter yesterday. will woke up ready to find his easter basket!

okay, not really. he didn't really have a clue that is was easter, but when peter brought him out to the living room to see his easter goods, he immediately perked up to find so much candy and chocolate sitting out for him.
he was more interested in mom's and dad's treats than he was in his own easter basket. (or should i say lightening mcqueen bucket. even though real easter baskets are cuter, i just couldn't help picking something out for him that he'd be able to use and enjoy later, and not just on easter.) so all in all it was a fun, chocolate filled morning.
after checking out (and tasting) all of our goodies, we decided to dye some eggs. i know we were a little behind, but we hadn't had the time until easter morning. we stripped will down, moved the table and set everything up on the floor. will immediately went for the eggs. and while he enjoyed helping me dye the eggs . . .

he enjoyed doing this to them even more.
after we all got cleaned up, we went outside for our easter photo shoot. will looked like he was ready to go read The Great Gatsby while lounging on the porch drinking his mint julep. but doesn't he just look darling????

and of course he had to stop and smell the flowers!
and here's one of our little family . . .
after church, we made it down to peter's mom's house for a delicious dinner/easter celebration/family home evening/birthday party. and thanks uncle nick for the yummy birthday cake!


Whitney said...

How cute is Will?!! Nice job on the outfit Emily! That cake looks delicious too. What kind was it?

mom/shauna said...

Will is better looking than Robert Redford in "The Great Gatsby!"
I loved his outfit...and yours too, Emily.
The Italian cake was compliments of Nick. I'd like to eat that cake again sometime.
Emily, I liked your eggnest treats too.

Amy F said...

Ca-ute outfit, Will! The stripes are oh so daper.

Sounds like a fun Easter. Impressed with Nick... :)

petey said...

amy. nick bought that cake. still impressed?

Stephen said...

will is a handsome dude. i'm so jealous.

Krista said...

Can you come be Max's stylist??? Will looks A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! When will we both have a free moment at the same time to chat??? Call me!

Kaedi said...

Okay, I am DYING over how cute his sweet little Easter outfit is! Go Will! So excited you guys are heading to NYC soon. Say hi to everyone for us and enjoy every drop of the city! Miss you guys!