Tuesday, April 19, 2011

girls day

in japan, there's a holiday called Girls Day. it's celebrated on March 3 of every year. (there's also a Boys Day every May 5.) so every year, my mother-in-law, shauna puts on a girls day celebration. even though girls day was in march, we celebrated it this last sunday.

part of the tradition is to set up the beautiful display of girls day dolls. the girls day dolls consist of the emperor, empress, attendants, and musicians all in their traditional court dress. included are also trees, food, tools, and different chests/furniture. they are all very beautiful and it's fun to admire the special dolls. at the party, we also ate some yummy japanese food, prepared by shauna. it was delicious.
we also dress up in traditional kimonos. usually the boys don't come, but this year, shauna invited them, so here's a picture with william and peter in their traditional japanese jackets.
lots of cousins and family came to the party and we had a great time chatting, eating, and sharing our girls day wishes with everyone.


Whitney said...

How fun! Those girls day dolls are gorgeous (as are the actual girls day girls!). What a fun tradition.

Jill T said...

Any chance you'll email me those pictures since Steven was MIA with our camera?

mom/shauna said...

Nothing could make me happier than to see all my 'girls' in their Japanese kimonos. I hope the boys had fun too. I remember Peter wearing Will's jacket when he was a 1 year old. Thanks for helping me carry on the tradition.