Monday, October 24, 2011

good times with our funny man

seriously, we've created a monster.

it will come as no surprise to those that have known me for awhile that i would create an apple loving son who would be enamored by all things mac. fortunately and unfortunately we were wildly successful.

here you see william basking in the glow of the iPad. if he's in the mood for Thomas the Train, he launches the Netflix app and finds Thomas in the recently watched section. Thomas has to be the most annoying children's show ever. (next of course to sponge bob). anyway, we taught him how cool headphones are and all of sudden, william turned 13 years old and can't be bothered by his father.
he also thinks it's cool to wear tight pants, sport oversized glasses, and a mustache. who knew 2 year olds could be hipsters.

and he can be too cool for school too. like when he rocks his thomas glasses straight from vegas, hangs onto the stage instead of sitting reverently during sacrament meeting, or when he's kicking it at the REAL Salt Lake soccer games.
seriously, i think this kid is awesome. forgive me for the bias.


mom/shauna said...

I'm being VERY objective...William is a COOL kid and oh sooo cute. Why are ALL my grandchildren so good looking?
I love it when he struts around my house like he owns it. Actually, he does own it and I love the fact that he feels so comfortable here.

Stephen said...

yeah. he's pretty cool. glad i could have a part in that....