Friday, October 21, 2011

mater, mcqueen, and vegas

this week, will, peter, and i had a pretty fun week. a week ago, peter turned the big 3-0. yeah, he's totally old now. . . anyway, for his birthday, all he wanted was a little getaway to vegas. so . . . before we left, we decided to take will on a fun little outing.

tuesday morning we woke up and got ready and took william down to the energy solutions arena plaza where they had a big Cars 2 exhibit advertising the release of their DVD. it was pretty cool. there was a huge Mack truck (not quite the same Mack as in the movie, but still cool), and three life-sized cars characters: Mater, Finn McMissile, and Lightening McQueen. will was in heaven. he could not believe that his buddies were sitting right in front of his very eyes. so we took some pictures and then went and posed in front of some posters for a few more pictures. it was a really fun exhibit and will loved every second of it.

after Cars, we dropped william off at peter's mom's house (thanks, shauna!) and we began our jaunt to probably the grossest city in america. seriously, have you guys seen the caliber of people that go to vegas??? anyway, they've got great restaurants and shopping, and only being 5 or 6 hours away, it makes for a convenient little retreat. we slept in, watched tv, ate waaaay too much food, and shopped and shopped! perfect. just what we needed.

on the way home, we stopped in gunnison to say hello to peter's grandparents, and then made our way back up to salt lake to return to our favorite little boy in the whole world. it was a fun few days and hopefully a fun birthday celebration for peter!


mom/shauna said...

WOW, I'm impressed with the Cars exhibit. Will probably had the time of his life. Whenever we were in a store, there were Cars pillows, cups, etc. all around and he let everyone in the stores know he was a big fan. I had 3 great days with Will...just love him so much!
Glad you two had some good R&R in Vegas.

Stephen said...

peter is so old.

Cute MSN Emoticons said...
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Kelly and Kathy said...

Just in case you wanted to know, Mater was made here in Gunnison and he is on display across from Walkers in Centerfield.