Wednesday, November 9, 2011

california trip: disneyland!

we decided to really let will get the full disneyland experience by going for two full days! and by the end of those two days (plus sea world the next day--more on that later), this pregnant mama was pooped. that's a lot of walking . . . but it was worth it! we had a great time, and it was so fun to watch william run around, experience rides for the first time, and to see his friends mickey, donald, and goofy.

and since it was william's day (or days), we let him have whatever treats his little heart desired. including this really nasty gummy lollipop. luckily will thought it was kind of nasty as well, and he never finished it.

and in case you were wondering, yes the three of us are wearing matching shirts. we're one of those families. at least they weren't like fluorescent green with our family name screen printed across the front.

here we are on the merry-go-round. will actually isn't smiling in the following picture, he's really saying "no, mommy" over and over because he did NOT want his picture taken.

the bug's life 3D movie. kinda creepy. it freaked will out, so we left early, but it was fun to wear these awesome glasses.

william LOVED the teacups. he wanted to go on them over and over. he was a trooper too. spinning the wheel himself and loving to go fast with daddy. sometimes he'd get a little dizzy, but it didn't phase him, he just wanted to spin and spin some more.

peter got pretty into the buzz lightyear game. i think his official score was something like 900,000 or something crazy like that. i don't think i ever broke 20,000. my mom even beat me on that ride.

the dumbo ride and meeting pluto. speaking of, will loved seeing the characters from afar, but when we'd go in for the picture he would get completely freaked out. maybe next year he'll be a little more excited to give hugs and get pictures.

being prego, the amount of rides i could go on was pretty limited. and then the ones that i could go on, but that wouldn't still make me sick limited me even more. i did try this swinging ride in the bug's land of california adventure and about 30 seconds in, i was about to lose my cookies. as our little chinese take-out box swung around and around, if i looked out to the side or anywhere other than straight at peter's face, i would have lost all the cotton candy and mickey rice krispie treats that i'd eaten that day. it was rough. anyway, i learned my lesson and pretty much was just the official photographer for the rest of the time.

as everyone knows, will loves mater and mcqueen. so he was super excited to go and see them, but he was too excited to take a picture with them, so instead peter and i got to pose with mcqueen :)

will's first real roller coaster. in toon town, there's an awesome roller coaster that even little guys can go on. and it's pretty fast. so, since there were practically no lines, will and daddy took a couple of trips on what will called the "fast, fast chu chu." he loved it. and i love the picture of him nestled into peter's armpit :)

and here we are, sitting in mickey mouse's car:

and lastly, a few pictures that really show will's personality. he was running around the entire park like a mad man and he'd love to jump off of any curb he walked on. such a little cutie.


Bonnie said...

How Fun!! Audrey loves that mini Roller coaster too...even though it is pretty fast! Makes me sick! I love the merry go round picture!! adorable!
And Emily you dont even look pregnant yet!!

Aimee said...

Cute pictures. Disneyland is really the happiest place on earth. Will looks so darling.

Congrats on the pregnancy. How far along are you? Boy? Girl?

Amy F said...

Love it! Always fun times at Disneyland. And the picture of Will "smiling" on the carousel is SO CUTE.

You were a trooper to manage Disneyland in early pregnancy. Go Emily.

mom/shauna said...

Looks like the perfect "KID vacation." Of course, Will's Dad is the biggest kid of all. Glad you had so much fun.
Love the smiley picture of Will on the Merry go round.

Ashley Olsen said...

How fun! Sadie and London are in love with D land. They talk about it all the time. I haven't been on your blog in a while but, umm... your Halloween costumes were Superb!! I LOL'd when I saw the pic of you guys posing in the garden. Loved it! And Mark told me the sex of your baby and I am beyond excited. I can't wait to see what this little sweetie looks like. Miss you 3 crazy cats!

Steven said...

I just found out you got a pass. Good idea! Makes me want to go to Disneyland soon! -Jill