Wednesday, November 30, 2011

california trip: sea world and solvang

this post is a little late in coming. it seems like since we got back from california and found out that we're most likely moving to san antonio right after i get back from my deployment, it's been a little crazy around here.

first off. i need to set the record straight. i did not get 900,000 on the buzz light year ride. that is a bit of an exaggeration, nor did i only get 21,800 as the previously posted picture shows. i did in fact get: 93,400 and here is the proper photo documentation.

the day after disneyland, we decided to go back again for round two. but not until we had a delicious meal at the shake shack on the PCH in newport right where we were staying. such good food and a pretty sweet view too.

we finished off the southern california trip with some pretty exciting activities. first we went the tour finale of so you think you can dance (SYTYCD) in san diego with emily's sister whitney and her husband wade. it was so moving. (not pictured)

then the next day we took william to meet shamu. needless to say, he loved him. thank goodness shamu lives in san antonio too. will especially like the big jumps and started saying "awesome" when he was so inclined.
once we got back to LA, the only thing left to do was the solvang prelude, metric century ride in solvang, ca. the start line was about a a 2.5 hour drive from emily's parents house and the forecast was shaping up to be around 38 degrees. steve and i were back and forth as to whether the drive/ride was worth waking up super early to freeze to death. but i had hauled my bike all the way down from slc to la for the sole purpose of riding solvang. so in the end we decided to go and i'm really glad we did. solvang is this sweet little scandinavian town tucked up away in the hills outside of santa barbara. it's not northern california wine country, but it is certainly close. the scenery was amazing. these pictures don't quite do it justice. the ride was a lot of rolling hills through tons of vineyards and this sleepy little town.

this last photo is a little deceptive. yes we did cross the finish line. but not really the way we had planned. the whole metric century was mapped out to be 65 ish miles. we were cruisin along, making good time. we hit the first sag stop and enjoyed the goodies. then around about mile 43 we were expecting to hit the second sag at any minute and somehow ended up at the finish line. somewhere along the ride when the course crossed back over itself, we had made a wrong turn and cut out about a 20 mile loop. so while we felt a little bit robbed, it's not like we could ride out to find our mistake and make the right turn, so we just grabbed some snacks and enjoyed the tents before our 2.5 hour drive back. to recap: 5 hours in the car for 2.5 hours on the bike in sub-40 degree weather. but it was totally worth it. and who can put a price on quality father-in-law/son time...?
steve and i decided we would have to plan a year when we got the whole family to come out and ride together. that would be a sweet family get-away. who's in?

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