Friday, December 9, 2011

gingerbread houses

last monday, peter, william, and i went down to his sister's house with the rest of his family for a christmas FHE and gingerbread house-making-evening. our construction team was made up of peter, will, jane, and me (with a little help from simon).

what ended up happening, was that we opted to go more for a frank lloyd wright look and have a flat roof. this decision had nothing to do with the fact that our walls were broken before we started, or the fact that will was shoving candies into the center crack of the roof . . .
anyway, we think it turned into a real masterpiece!
and will didn't mind having a table full of treats to sample all evening long, either.


mom/shauna said...

The last picture of Will tasting the icing and candy is PRICELESS! He is so cute.

mom/shauna said...

ps ~ Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorite architects.