Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas morning

on christmas morning
i'll wake up bright and early
be the first one out of bed
with the mistletoe above my head

on christmas morning
we can sing and celebrate
and make the feeling stay
all through the day

since christmas morning, i've had raffi's classic song "on christmas morning" stuck in my head, so i thought i would share it with you :) we had a fairly early morning, waking up at 7am, to check out the fun surprises from santa. will was extra lucky this year, because santa came to visit him early in bountiful at our house, and then again here in california at grandma jenny's and papa's house.

but i'm getting a little bit ahead of myself. on christmas eve, my mom, elise and i got to open one special present: matching comfy pants! now, any of you that know elise, or rather have taken pictures of her, or anyone that has ever seen any of her photos on facebook, know that she is the ultimate "picture poser." this girl has got it down. she knows just how to tilt her head, pop her leg, and look like a supermodel for any picture. so . . . my mom and i decided to give her picture posing tactics a try and we came up this:

how did we do? i still don't think we've quite mastered it like elise has, but it sure was funny trying :)

okay. back to christmas morning. santa came and brought some awesome goodies. mostly cars related, because santa knows that my son loves his cars . . . on christmas, when william woke up, i don't think he knew he was getting presents, but he definitely knew that his lightening mcqueen stocking was waiting for him, and that kid bolted out of our room like i've never seen him before. it was hilarious.

and if this isn't the best christmas morning bedhead, i don't know what is.

we made sure to get peter on FaceTime before will was allowed to go for his presents so that peter could witness the whole thing. we set my phone up on the table so that he could see the whole room and watch our little man go crazy. it wasn't quite the same as if he'd been here, but given the circumstances, i think it was pretty good. peter was able to witness the whole morning's festivities and we were able to hear his commentary and talk to him the whole time.

here's william, having opened all of his own presents, moving on to opening my dad's. i don't even think that my dad realized that will was tearing all of the paper off of his presents at this moment.

and this last pic is of my lovely sister, elise, wearing the beanie i made for her :) doesn't it look great on her??? every year for christmas, my siblings and i draw names and we have to hand-make the presents. i made elise this beanie and a chunky cowl. my brother-in-law, wade, drew my name and he made me the most awesome magnet board ever. i should've taken a picture, but it's a wood frame with chicken wire attached to it that magnets can stick to. and he painted it my favorite color: teal. it's seriously awesome.

we had a really wonderful christmas. we enjoyed time together as a family, went to church together, ate our traditional christmas brunch of eggs benedict and cinnamon rolls (YUM!), and will got to video chat with his grandma and cousins in utah. i was a little sad all day, missing my husband, but at least we got to talk to him and video chat with him quite a bit throughout the morning and evening. now we can just look forward to next christmas when we will not only have peter with us, but also our baby girl who will be celebrating her first christmas!


Scott+Tiffany said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect Christmas, under the circumstances. Girl you look so good! I'm so glad for Skype/Facetime that you and Peter are still able to see each other and he doesn't have to miss out on the fun. Those handmade gifts are so fun. I remember Anne trying to get us to do that, maybe we're not as talented as you guys. I think it's time for a visit to AZ!

mom/shauna said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas and I'm sure the BEST part for Peter was watching Will open his car presents.
The bedhead look was hilarious. So glad you didn't comb his hair first. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad Peter got us all hooked up via internet and face time.
Who would have thought the 3 way connection would be so easy?