Tuesday, January 3, 2012

balboa island

the other day my mom, elise, and i drove down to balboa island and met up with my sister, whitney and her two kiddies. i'd never been there before and now i want to go there all the time. the weather was perfect and it was absolutely gorgeous. balboa is a quaint little island off of the balboa peninsula in orange county and it's filled with really cute beach houses, and the water is filled with sailboats. makes for perfect strolls along the boardwalk.

they also have the best pizza that i've had since leaving new york. we just happened upon it, but this little place called pizza amici had some seriously delicious new york style pizza. it really made my day.

anyway. we got to the island, ate some pizza, then went for a stroll down the boardwalk. the kids had fun climbing on the fences by the little piers, and whitney, my mom, elise, and i had fun looking at all the cute houses and enjoying the peaceful ocean breeze.

we walked down to the little ferry that transports people, bikes, and cars back and forth between the island and the peninsula and we went for a little ride. william LOVED it. he was so excited to go on the "big boat."

once on the peninsula, we had fun playing in the arcade, chasing pigeons, eating ice cream bars, riding the ferris wheel.

it was a perfect day and i'm excited to go back!


petey said...

will looks so happy and big.

nice ferris wheel shot.

Stephen said...

tell will what's up from NY. Even though we're still in NY. Hillary had gallbladder surgery the other day. She's recovering and doing great. Miss you guys