Thursday, January 19, 2012

stephen and jon definitely coordinating.

citizens united has completely ruined our modern politics! jon stewart and stephen colbert are at it again to point out the moronic nature of what is now our new political reality.

so here they are entirely within legal bounds "not coordinating." just imagine the conversations that newt and mitt "aren't" having with their super PACs...

next. here's a little piece they did. only of course because mitt romney actually believes that "corporations are people too"

and since colbert can't get on the ballot in south carolina, he announced on his show for his supporters to vote for herman cain, who is still on the ballot in south carolina. hence the following ads.

and a few more diddies. please watch.

what have our politics come too... man with richest buddies wins, i guess. maybe that's why mitt likes to think of corporations as people, his friends.

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embily said...

so many videos.
but we get it. that's why santorum doesn't stand a chance. no money.