Saturday, January 14, 2012

the ellen show

last tuesday, my dad, sister-in-law, kim, cousin-in-law, chelsey, and i all went to the ellen degeneres show. it was pretty funny. even funnier was seeing my dad dance :)

i seriously had no idea how tiring going to the ellen show can be. i was pooped when i got home. they make you get up and dance during EVERY commercial break. my baby was bouncing all over the place, and it was exhausting.

tons of fun though! chelsey and i were sooooo close to being chosen to participate in the games on her show, but sadly we didn't make it. but, we did get some airtime! here the four of us are on tv!


Jill T said...

So fun! You're having too much fun. You're never going to want to come back!

Ashley Olsen said...

So fun! Looks like you are having fun and keeping busy while Peter is gone. Hopefully it will fly by that way. We wish we lived in CA or the states or anywhere by you guys.