Thursday, January 5, 2012

Army Strong.

People like to make the joke that military intelligence is an oxymoron. I like to think that's mainly commentary on the Army. The Air Force is a much smarter branch, or so we like to think, at least. I was reminded of our mental superiority the other night when some of us drove over the Army half of the base to get a break from the monotony of the dinner selection at our "chow hall."

Take for example this sign. Classic army. This sign is from the Army post that shares part of the space of where I am. This sign sits right at the entry control point where vehicles enter their controlled area. They could have summed up the whole sign with the word: everything -->.

Gotta love the Army. Gives Army Strong a new meaning, cause if you can't be smart, at least you can be strong.

Air Power!


embily said...

oh you guys and your military rivalries...;)

mom/shauna said...

Yes, Air Power. I know someone who was in the Army Military Intelligence who really was intelligent!