Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years day. i mean january 2.

this year, we had a full day of new years celebrations. my parents are currently living in old town pasadena, only 2 blocks away from the infamous rose parade. so, on monday morning, we woke up early and walked up the street so that we could watch some of the parade. there were thousands of people out, and since we didn't get to the parade before it started, we didn't have the most optimal view.

william had fun being held up high to see the marching bands and floats pass by. he especially loved all of the horses and would wave to them when they went by.

will also loved seeing the blimp up in the sky wishing all of us a happy new year :)

after the parade, we went out for a late breakfast and then came home to go swimming (it's been in the 70s/80s here lately--you can't beat southern california in the winter!). william loves swimming, but he only likes it when everyone is in the water together--he will harass anyone that's laying out until they get in the pool! he's a funny boy.

after swimming and naps, we got ready and went downtown to see the LA Kings hockey game. my dad received the tickets from work, and with the tickets we got to enjoy a yummy dinner at the restaurant at the top of the staples center. my cousin adam, and his wife chelsey joined us and we had a great night eating and watching the game.

our seats for the game were down a couple rows up from one of the nets, so we were right in the middle of all the action. william was undecided on the whole thing. i think he liked watching the hockey players, but he didn't care for all the noise in the arena. he was a good boy though and had a fun time sitting on everyone's laps and sampling all of the yummy food.

oh, and this last picture is of the sundae that william and i shared. it was HUGE. we hardly put a dent in it, but we had fun trying :)


Jill T said...

you guys have been packing it in! looks like fun!

mom/shauna said...

What a FUN New Years! Will looked happy in all the pictures!