Saturday, January 14, 2012

orange county great park

today william and i drove down to orange county to hang out with my brother, cort, and his family. we decided to go and check out the orange county great park. it was pretty awesome (and everything was free!). the park used to be an old marine base that they are now reconstructing into a giant park. it's a work-in-progress, but what they've done so far is pretty cool.

they have a carousel,

a playground,

and a huge field to run around in.

but the main attraction is a giant, orange, hot air balloon that takes about 10-15 people up about 400 ft. in the sky.

here we are at the top.

it's crazy to be up that high. i'm a little scared of heights. not actually of the heights, but of the thought of falling from great heights . . . anyway, my fear isn't incapacitating or anything; it's really quite minor. however, today i realized that my fear of my SON falling from great heights is HUGE. i was totally freaking out inside the entire time that we were up in that hot air balloon. i mean, there was no way he could fall out of it, but that didn't matter. it scared the bejeebies out of me thinking about him falling 400 ft. onto a giant slab of cement (sorry to be so graphic . . . ). so then of course i became paranoid about holding tightly onto him, which then just made him defiant and wanting to get away from me. i was a little stressed. but all in all, it was a really cool and fun experience, and i'm glad we did it. i just think i might hold off going up there with my toddler again any time soon!


Jill T said...

I always have thoughts and dreams like that when I am pregnant. It is really disturbing! Glad you made it down safely! :)

mom/shauna said...

What a fun park and all for free.
Glad you are down on ground again. Remember when Jill and I crashed in a hot air balloon over Provo on the 4th of July years ago?